I envy the fun this guy is having

I was on a yootoob guitar vid binge last night and found this smiling teddy bear of a GUITAR MONSTER! Whatever they give the kids in Brazil, I want a cup of it. Classical/nylon was never my thing, but this guy convinced me in just a few minutes that it is indeed fun.


great tecnique!
8 strings? What kind of notes are the other two strings? B and ?

Only 7. :wink: He does make it sound like it’s a lot more though…

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:blush: Unknowingly, you’ve just discovered one of the Brazilian acoustic guitar players that Kiko himself advised us to listen to in one of his posts (or videos maybe :thinking:) along with Raphael Rabello!
Yamandu Costa is an awesome player indeed !

I had a feeling that someone’s gonna tell me that he already told us to listen to Yamandu… Shame on me…:joy:

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Well given the amount of information we can find on here, it’s the kind of thing that is bound to happen to any guitar hacker :sweat_smile:

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