Hybrid Picking on Electric Guitar by Kiko Loureiro

Originally published at: https://www.guitarhacks.com/hybrid-picking-on-electric-guitar/

Hello everyone!   This is a transcript of my “how to master hybrid picking on electric guitar video” that I recorded live from Helsinki on Nov 26th 2020. Today we’re talking about hybrid picking on electric guitar. As usual, we’re going to start with the basics and fundamentals. Let’s get started! Some people have been asking…


Hi all, we will be making guides based on Kiko’s teaching video every Thursday and this is the first one, hybrid picking. We’ll soon be adding sweep picking and down picking.

Tell me what you think of that format!
We can use this thread to ask more questions about hybrid picking and we will update the guide accordingly to keep it alive :metal:

Cheers :beers: :metal:


Cool, I like this format, it complements the video well, it makes it easier to search and jump to a particular section :+1:


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This is a great supplement to the video lessons – please, keep 'em coming!

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Awesome! now we can go right to what matters, instead of going through all the live. helps when we cant watch it live! thanks for that! im trying to organize your classes in my computer. this format helps a lot!


Hi Kiko,hi all,

I think it’s a perfect complement to your videos on which we can come back whenever we want.

As I m printing the tabs from the guitar hacks to have a “book” it’s also really appreciated too.


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Hi kiko, hello Everyone, I really like the format, I’m new here, by the way as Italian I really like the pomodoro technic, I’ve improved a lot in those using that method, I’ve started let’s say 10 days ago and it’s very nice how I feel better playing, so thank you

Take care


Welcome to the forum @patterifed and @alancordeiro84 !
Thanks for all the positive feedback, I am happy this complements the video lessons well, stay tuned for sweep picking soon,

Hi Kiko, hello fellow Hackers!
This format is great I really like how it compliments going back and rewatching the video. Only comment I have would be to also include TAB for one or two of the examples that Kiko showed us. I know that would be a LOT of work but just an idea.

Thanks! See you all Thursday …


This break down is a great idea. Looking forward to this format.


The more I experiment with it, the more I’m convinced hybrid picking is the technique that can most quickly add new dimensions to your playing. Cool stuff.


Thanks sir Kiko…Tthis is another Breakthrough tips for us…actually this is something new to me to develop…


Yes this is very nice. Makes it much easier go back into.

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I will work on that. : )

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