How To Learn Theory!

Hello! I’ve played guitar about 10 years (completely self-taught) and I baaasically have near 0 functional musical knowledge of guitar playing. I can play fast and have good rhythm chops, but my guitar theory is basically non-existent. The internet is full of resources, but it’s almost data overload and I just don’t know where to start. I’d love a solid course that can teach me about the musical fundamentals and theories of guitar so I can seamlessly navigate the fretboard…any ideas???


Hi !

I personally use a lot of books because I love music theory. I also worked a lot in music theory with my music teacher about 10 years ago. But the books remain a medium in which one can plunge again if one has a memory gap.
Some are easy to access like the Danhauser for example.


Hi Howard and welcome to Guitar Hacks!
I think 7 Factor is the course you’re looking for, .
Registration is currently closed but it will reopen before the end of the year. You can register your email on that page to be notified in advance when we accept new students there.


Thanks @Giorgio! This is great. I just signed up to be notified when it opens back up. I think this is exactly what I’m looking for. I hope it opens up soon!


Nice man! I’m in the same boat. Took 2 years of lessons with sheets to learn my chords and theory but never took my time to learn them or look at them…15 years later I’m now learning the theory part of it and it’s amazing. It almost helps that my fingers are already flexible enough to catch up with lost time. Good luck!