How many guitars is enough - w/ floyd rose

Wondering about students who have a floyd rose, How many guitars is enough to cover songs? What would popular tunings be I have 4 guitars. 1 7 string and 3 six strings, tunings standard , e flat and drop d.

Sounds like a question that only you can answer. :slight_smile: I mean, there are a bunch different tunings, but if you never play a song with it or don’t ever listen to a band using it, then it’s not worth having a guitar for it. On the other hand, it might be worth having one without a Floyd where it is easier to change tunings for the occasional oddball song. Or maybe a decked Floyd set up for dive only could serve that purpose, but then you still don’t have a guitar that can handle situations where a Floyd could come up short, for example double stop bends. Unless you use some gadget or @kiko 's trick of compensating with your right hand by pushing back the bridge a bit, those bends will be out of tune and in that case not even a decked Floyd can save you because it still dives…

The topic ‘How many guitars is enough’ reminds me of a story I once heard about Bob Marley, and I’m not 100% sure but I think it was Peter Tosh, growing up in Jamaica and not being able to afford to buy a guitar. So, they made them. ‘It’s not about the equipment’!( Kiko)

I agree nexion and mike. I can never have enough guitars. I do have an Ibanez solid bridge. I also have pitch shifting abilities on my gt100. Think I can drop the tunning by 2 whole steps but need head phones to block out physical guitar in e standard.

Curious how many guitars do you fellas have?

I have currently 6, but if things go well it’ll soon be 7 (crazy story, will share it here in due time! :wink: ):

Jackson Pro Series King V: this one is my absolute No1. I have some sentimental reason for that, but it is also the most comfortable and best sounding one that I have. It would easily stand a playability and sound test against a USA counterpart. Floyd Rose w/ Hollow Points, SD Nazgul/Sentient set. This is the “pointy passive neckthru”
Jackson DKMG: An old Japanese bolt-on Dinky. Got it dirt cheap an it is simply an indestructuble workhorse, especially after a stainless steel refret. JT580LP (Floyd style) bridge and EMG BoneBreakers (I fried the original 81/85 while tinkering with the electronics and this set came up locally for a good price. They actually sound somewhat better to my ears than the 81/85, which I don’t really like). This is the “classic active bolt-on”.
Jackson Pro Series Soloist: This is the “classic neckthru passive”. Floyd and SD JB/59.
Jackson Pro Series WR7: This was my first 7 stringer. This is the “pointy passive 7stringer”. DiMarzio Imperium pickups and Floyd.
E-II Horizon NT7: This is the most expensive one, even considering that I bought it second hand and “only” paid around 2/3 of the MSRP. I wanted it because of the Evertune. This is the “non-Floyd active 7 stringer”. EMG 81-7/85-7. While it is beautiful and masterfully built, it is a prime example that above a certain price point we are only paying for eye candy gimmicks that are not making the guitar sound and play any better. Nothing against the guitar. It is great, but I am not sure it is 2-3000 USD great.
LTD KH-202: This was my first “keeper” guitar almost 20 years ago… I was a huge 'tallicA fanboy and I felt like this is the end all- be all of guitars. That’s gone. I’m a Jackson guitars fanboy now. How very mature… Anyways, for a long time I didn’t know what to do with it. Compared to my newer toys, it was a piece of crap in pretty rough shape, misaligned neck, completely destroyed Floyd-style cheapo bridge… But I recently decided to get it up and running, since it’s resale value was around zero and anything value it held was that this was the guitar I first played on a stage with. It already had a few stickers on, so I decided to go full punk: threw on more stickers, of which the most notable ones are a xeroxed Jackson logo (no comment…) over the original logo and a Rust In Peace style biohazard sign on the truss rod cover. It’s a Kirk Hammet sig guitar afterall…:smiley: Loaded in a set of SD Black Winters with white bobbins. :smiley: Had to get a new bridge, ironically the one closest in shape to the original routing was a Jackson JT580LP. Even that didn’t fit exactly so shaved away a bit of the wood with a knife. :smiley: Has a chrome locking nut to “go” with the all black hardware…I’m thinking about having all tuning pegs switched to a different color and brand. With the locking nut they won’t cause trouble and would contribute to the punk aesthetics. I will install a 5 way superswitch to do some crazy wiring too. Oh yeah, I had it referetted and the neck issue was corrected too (wasn’t a big deal it being a chep bolt-on model), so now it a gem in disguise. Plays and sounds awesome thanks to my luthier and the Black Winters.