How can i schedule my training?

Hello guys !
So i started taking kiko’s course for about 6 mounth, and i made huge progress, except i want to extend my training session to 3 hours per day ( alternate - morning ; legato - afternoon ; Technique - evening), and i would like to learn sweep and tapping, how can i schedule my week so i can optimize my learning of each technique .

I don’t know if my question was clear, so in short, i would like some tips to learn 2 technique at the same time, without losing focus, because if i spend 1 week practicing one technique, and not the other, i’m afraid i will lose the muscle memory linked to that technique.

Thanks !

Wow 3 hours a day is a good practice time!!
Don’t forget to reserve some time also for: improvisation, composing, and learning song or part that interest you of songs. Technique is important but is not the only thing.
Going back to your question.
You can approach the subject like physical training in wich each day you train different muscles/movements/patterns.
For instance on day 1 you follow your plan and on day 2 you practice sweep in the morning, tapping in the afternoon.
Or you can do one week in one way and one week in another, or even more…like a month one way and a month another.
Each approch have it s own benefits and draws…
You decide the best way to do it, i tried both and got good results.
My opinion is that whatever approach you choose change it every 4 to 6 weeks cause our body adapt very quickly and changing approach will force it to keep adapting intead of settling down on a given level.
Hope i was helpful!


Thanks for your answer ^^. generally, i spend one more hour to learn new songs or play with a backing track so i can apply what i practiced.


Hey @souquiereb1998 ,
great to read that you are making huge progress!

I can only repeat, what @captkeep already wrote and add that everyone should have a big goal and littles goals that lead you there.
This could be anything: Being able to play sick stuff while performing wildly. Being able to play any style existing on earth. Being able to play any chord progression with arpeggios all over the fretboard in tempo 200.

If you know your goal, you’ll find out, what to practice.

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Hey there! Great question. I’m not sure if this is something to consider but for me after I did a cycle of the techniques 5 times, I decided to pick one of the techniques that I feel needs more work on as my main one while the other ones would be my second technique and cycle through them throughout this year if that makes sense.

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I’m still struggling to manage to play one hour sessions with only Kiko’s exercice… :sweat_smile: So I’m not in the best position to give you advises. But I remember that in on one of Kiko’s livestream… Someone asked if it was better to jump from one technique to the other or if it was better to focus on just one technique and Kiko said that he learned by focusing on one technique at the time. I remember him saying it was better to really master a technique before moving to another one.
I know I have a hard time doing this and usually get bored when playing just one technique but it worked for Kiko so… I try to follow that path. And “trying” is really the appropriate word here :roll_eyes:… I must admit that since last June, I’ve been practicing more of my Rumba technique and not much of Kiko’s alternative picking technique (I’m happy when I’ve completed a whole set of exercices for one day)… So that’s still not the best of examples :flushed:

I think that @captkeep 's advice is a good one… Anyway, when it comes to muscles, he’s the expert here so :wink: you can always take his advises.