Hi, I just got the workout course, a couple questions

I remember reading that course had spanish subtitles, but can’t find them

My guitar is not a shred guitar, is an epi les paul model, is the different too big with an ibanez in terms of shred friendliness?


I used to know a guy who would shred the crap out of a Les Paul. He was a big Slash fan. It can be done!

I am not sure about subtitles or I would tell you. Welcome to the forum @hdiaz2007!

I have seen a lot of great fast playing on a Les Paul.

Most Ibanez guitars (and many other models from different builders) are made with what people call “fast necks” which thinner and flatter, something that helps many people to play fast things somewhat easier.

Your Les Paul should be good enough for you to learn and also play fast though.

Many guitar players shred on a Les Paul: Zakk Wylde, Buckethead…

I think you are right. Then, for me it is quite relative since electric guitars, when built by the arts all rules, is quite less tension than for example an classical guitar, and there are quite many shredders of that instrument as well. At the end of the day, it is about a balance between confort, tone that fills your needs and how broad the instrument is if you are not a millionaire that can buy 20 guitars. For the tone, the neck and versatility I choose a PRS Pauls guitar SE. The price quality is unbeatable. But it is always about taste.
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