Help with Zoom audio

Would you mind helping me with some technical issues I’m having?

So I would like to be able to “stream” a guitar sound going through a standolne amp software running on PC and a microphone, but I am just not knowledgeable enough to work around the issue… :frowning:

I am convinved that I have everything in my posession to make it work, it is 120% a user problem…

Here’s my setup:

  • guitar (obviously)
  • SM57
  • Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB
  • PC running Win8
  • Cubase Elements 11
  • shitload of plugins, the one I would like to make this work with is Amped Roots
  • Voicemeeter
  • JVC hi-fi amp with passive speakers

That should be plenty enough hardware to do what I want. The issue I’m having is that when I enter a Zoom meeting the audio from the mic goes through perfectly, but from the guitar only the DI signal gets routed into Zoom, despite me being able to hear perfectly what goes through the Amped Roots plugin. :scream_cat:

As I understand a mixing console is the weapon of choice here, but since I don’t have one and don’t plan on buying, I’m left with a virtual solution. Voicemeeter seems plenty capable of doing the trick, but it looks like I’m not smart enough to make it work… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Tried googling the issue, there are many tutorials, but none with exact same setup as mine. Since I don’t quite understand what they talk about I cannot apply correctly the given directions to my issue… :crying_cat_face:

Could anyone walk me through a solution?

The only thing I can do to help is to reply to your comment so this topic can be seen by any eventual knowledgeable person out there…
But I don’t even have a decent functioning amp at the moment so… :roll_eyes:
Good luck to you! :crossed_fingers:


Zoom isn’t good using several audio sources.
If you want to stream, try OBS instead.


Yeah well that much I realized… :smiley:

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If you are still looking into this…

Make sure your DAW is set to output to Internal speakers (aka computer speakers). If all of your input signals going into the DAW are working this is all that should be needed assuming Zoom is set to receive its inputs from Internal speakers.

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Thx Randy, will look into it tomorrow! It’s getting late over here and the alarm goes off at 4:15 am…

If you are still struggling with this, I would watch this.

This video helped me a lot. Someone already said you need obs, and you do, but you also need to have vb virtual audio cable and reastream (this video goes into all that. I personally use a mic for my voice (because everything will come from the interface/DAW) and have the mic record armed in the DAW along with my DI guitar. I don’t think I use voicemeeter, but my memory could be hazy. I have a file set up for this purpose automatically. You also have to set the audio to go into zoom from your DAW with the virtual audio cable (I can’t remember how you do that, so I will reply or edit later)

Hope this helps! (And if It doesn’t just say so, because I am just going off memory, so something might be wrong lol)


Thanks a ton! Will watch the vid in the weekend, but think I might be too “old” for all this IT hoopla… I’m leaning towards sticking the SM57 to the cab and using another mic for my voice and be done with it… The 2 hardware inputs from the Clarett go through perfectly to Zoom, the only problem was that with the guitar I couldn’t get the darn thing to “hear” the guitar plugin’s sound and it would only send the naked DI signal. But if I just mic up my cab, I don’t have to deal with the plugin and all should be good.


Glad to hear I could help! I honestly wanted to mic up my amp, but I have a scarlet solo, and it only has one mic pre lol, so I either was silent, or I needed to use the DI.

Thanks @ironsabbath2112, I didn’t know about reastream and it looks like it’s a great solution to pipe guitar into conference calls like zoom or hangout!

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Your welcome, happy I could help!