Headrush Gigboard

Hi guys! I’m planning to buy a MultiFX. What do you think of the Headrush Gigboard?

Thank you! :slight_smile:


I only briefly played with a Headrush Gigboard that another guitarist had. I found it less intuitive to control compared to a Line6 Helix but I can’t comment on the sound as it was in a room with very bad acoustics so everything sounded boxed in.

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Check this out before buying anything: https://neuraldsp.com/products/quad-cortex
check their plugins. This is the most realistic thing I ever tried. I’m going to partner with them, I know the people behind the company. It’s truly amazing.


I personally do not recommend Headrush. Their customer support is well known for being far from perfect.

I do either recommend Neural, Fractal or Line 6 stuff.


That thing looks very cool!


Hi, if you are just looking for effects there are tons of old rocktron intelefx for $200 or less. The line6 hx stomp is ok for the $500 range. But the neural products are the way to do it right. QuadCoretex is $1000 plus but is what I would save for. Effects amps and cab ir. It does it all!
The software has a free trial last I checked you can not go wrong with the Nolly pack.
Hope that helps!