Happy Thanksgiving Thread

I know we’re not all from the US but I figured it would not be a bad idea to remind ourselves what we’re thankful for.

I’ll start. I’m thankful for this awesome online community of for all the guitar players we’ve been able to help improve and achieve their goals in 2020!

More personally, I am very thankful for my family, wife and children, and for going through this COVID19 crisis relatively unaffected which is not the case for everybody and people around us.

What about you?


Awesome Giorgio.
I am French but I also want to share this with you.
I thank Kiko for the happiness he conveys through these courses and his passion that resonates in me. Thank you also to this magnificent community of guitar hacks which allows to exchange with enthusiasts of all origins with the same goal, to have fun on the guitar.

I also thank every day the Lord that I am in good health and my family also especially in this period of health crisis.

We must appreciate every little moment every little detail of life even if they seem trivial to us because we are only passing through.
So have fun and enjoy the mess life !!! :blush:

Take care of yourselves my friends !


Hey! I’m definitely grateful for lots of things but topping the list would be family, friends, music and food – though not always in that order.

Hope everyone’s doing well and keeping a positive outlook. I admit I’ve been struggling with some that – but I’m still here, so hooray.

Here’s a Thanksgiving shot of me and my older brother wearing a gaudy raccoon coat.


Thanks for sharing my friends, @tark2112 @Arnaud-Godefroy!