Guitar Hacks user lick of the week #3

OK, here’s another one, again on the wierd/jazzy side (5/4 beat and Drop2 equals jazz, right :rofl: ) and again from my scarce collection of own recorded ideas.

Not so sure about the time signature of the tab though… :confused: The beat is definitely 5/4, but the guitars feels a bit different, as if I have accidentally recorded some polyrhythmic stuff… I have no idea. If anyone knows better, please do correct me and the tab! Anyways, when played in guitar pro, it sounds right so it serves the purpose for the time being. Oh and I forgot to notate in the tab, but the backing is Dm9 - G#M7. Also included a short clip from the recording I made when the idea waas concieved.

Guitar Hacks User Lick of the Week #3.gpx (19.0 KB)

EDIT: I realized that unless someone read the oiginal thread with the idea from @alexanderrobert, people might not know why this thread was created… So the idea is that someone posts a lick with tabs and the rest of the Hackers (and OP too!) post a video of themselves playing the lick. Might be exact replica, might be re-worked, re-arranged, upgraded, downgraded, anything goes until it pushes us to learn something new and out of our own comfort zone!


Right on, and I like both the guitar pro, recording and screenshot! Very cool, thanks @nexion218

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@Giorgio I look forward to seeing a lick of yours next week :smiling_imp:

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Yup, I’m running outta licks… :rofl:


Challenge accepted, you guys rock!
I have a lick in mind :slight_smile:

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Here it goes:

I DESPISE synching the audio with the video… :face_vomiting:

Minor cheat of the week: did not re-record the backing guitars, sorry… Btw @Giorgio, that’s one of my 7strings there, Jackson Pro Series WR7 from 2019. The other one is the E-II I used for last week’s lick.

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