Guitar Hacks Quiz

Okay all you experienced and new Guitar Hacks shredders! Looking for your help here :slight_smile: If someone is considering signing up for GuitarHacks it’s not always clear what skills they should have before they start or which course they should take first. It would be helpful to have a quiz someone could take before signing up for Guitar Hacks to give them tips on what skills or knowledge they should have before hand, or what they want to learn, to guide them in the right direction, so they get the most out of the course…
What questions would you ask someone who wanted to know are they ready for Guitar Hacks, and which course to take?

I was thinking

How long have you been playing guitar
A) Just bought my first guitar
B) 0- 6 months
C) 6-12 months
D) 12-24 months
E) 2+ years

How familiar are you with the modes?
A) What are the modes?
B) I know the concept
C) I have played around with them
D) I have memorized most of them
E) I have memorized all of them


Hi Susan, thanks for posting this, that’s a great idea to help people decide which course is best for them, or if Guitar Hacks is for them to begin with!
Looking forward to read what others have in mind for questions as well,

I think it would be necessary to understand some things like holding a pick, tuning, basic idea of reading tabs, string names etc. Skills that can be acquired within the first month of buying a new guitar.