Guitar Hacks Practice Routine Tracker

Hey Guitar Hackers, i’ve been working on this application for a long time now and I think that it’s finally ready to get your feedback and debug/improve before doing a bigger release. This is what it looks like:

The idea is to make it easy to structure your guitar workouts and follow Kiko’s method. This tracker goes through all 5 phases defined in our How to Divide Your Practice Session Time lesson.

It also includes a metronome so you don’t have to fiddle with multiple devices or apps!

The tracker is in Beta and has been tested on:

  • Desktop:
    • Windows/Google Chrome Web Browser
    • Mac OS X/Google Chrome Web Browser
  • Mobile Devices:
    • Android: Samsung Galaxy S7, Oneplus 5, Oneplus 7 pro, Google pixel 3a

Expect some bugs and it might not work on every browser and device just yet. It might also explode and catch on fire.

I figured it was good enough for brave people to try, report bugs/issues and give feedback on where this should go next!

OK, enough talking, :innocent:, here’s the link:


It is a great idea.
but on my phone the interface is not fully displayed and I have to scroll from left to right to be able to access all the possibilities and see for example the speed of the metronome!
maybe it’s just because of my phone i don’t know.

EDIT : To see everything, I have to go into the options and check “computer version” and I see everything.

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What a great idea Giorgio! This makes following the routine very easy.
Only small thing (not very important). I changed to a melower metronome for the daily routine. I find it more pleasant when playing for a longer period at a time. But that’s nitpicking. This is a great help. Thanks!

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Hi Giorgio,
This is a great idea, thank you for taking the time and effort to put this together and making it available for everyone!
Here’s some initial feedback, if you start it up and leave it alone it seems to work fine (pc and Chrome) but I did notice that if you use the forward/back buttons to move through the exercises it resets the countdown timer for the exercise but the “time used” timer down by the metronome does not reset.

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This is so helpful! I often spend more time in each phase (“just only a few seconds…”) and it ends I have not enough time to play all excercises I planned. Thank you so much :heart_eyes:

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Yes indeed, I have really tested on phones, can you tell me what phone you’re using and include a screenshot? That’d be awesome!

Interesting, indeed the sound are a bit abrasive right now. What type of sound did you end up using? Like a bell or something else? I was thinking maybe just notes, like a bass pedal and the user could adjust the key, would this help?

It’s kind of on purpose, like if you skip ahead I don’t want the user to think that they practiced for one hour :slight_smile:
I just realized that the back button is not working right now, I need to fix that today.

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Awesome, thanks Laura! Yes that’s the idea, keeping us more accountable :slight_smile:

I use, but what you’re suggesting also sounds like a good idea.

Ah im with you…i just checked it out and havent used it for a practice yet… basically you can move around all you want but the timer at the bottom is your overall 1 hr tracker. That makes sense.

I use a Samsung S7 !!

Wow, OK, let me look into that, thanks for the report!

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Awesome idea Giorgio. It works with Chrome on mac. thanks

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Very cool, Giorgio! Great to see this getting some love in the GH community!

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I found the problem, I will publish an update later today that should solve it! I saw the same thing on multiple devices that should be useful for most phones.


I just used the utility for my full hour practice routine and it worked great! This is a great tool for us to use, thanks again for the idea and making it happen. I will definitely be putting it to good use.


Wow, this is awesome, I am so glad this tool is useful! Thanks for sharing @theherd

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The metronome app is a great idea! Bon travail! I tried it on my PC windows 10 with chrome.

As far as feedback, I would add different metronome sounds. Other than that, :+1: nice job.

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@Arnaud-Godefroy After a lot of code tweaking, now it should resize properly on any device! Can you give it a try again on your Galaxy s7? That’d be awesome to confirm!

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Ok !!!
it works perfectly now !

Thanks you very much :grin::wink:

This makes my day, thanks @Arnaud-Godefroy!

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