Guest Solo on forthcoming MASSACRE SINGLE

Some of you maybe familiar with Massacre, one of the earlier huge Death Metal bands. Their first album ‘From Beyond’ is still regarded as a major influence on the entire death metal genre. Their singer Kam Lee was in the original line up of Death or what was known as Mantas then. Furthermore 3 others members of Massacre ended up playing on Death second album’s ‘Leprosy’.

Anyway Kam approached me recently to play a guest solo on one of their forthcoming single which happens to be a classic OSDM track. This is what I came up with hope you guys dig it! If only my 14 year old self could see this!

What do you guys think?

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It is fuck8ng rad to be in the company of you guys. I will be highstepping in the pub while telling everyone that I am featured in a collab vid with the guy playing on the new Massacre record. :rofl:

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Haha, I am sure you have far better things to discuss at the pub than death metal !!!

Well, I’ve always been more of a thrash and shred guy, but if it’s not some sort of metal I ain’t going! :smiley:

But it’s definitely Death Metal when I’m drinking with these guys:

I think you’ll dig their style, they play some Massacre covers at gigs every now and then.

Oh cool I’ll check them out!