GHS Fast Fret (Demo)

Here’s a short demo of how I clean my strings and lubricate the neck using GHS Fast Fret.

What do you guys use?


I have used Fast Fret, Finger Ease, and I’m currently using Dunlop65 Ultraglide when I use anything.

I use two different string brands Ernie Ball Hybrid for my hard tail guitars and Elixir’s for my extended range and Floyd Rose guitars. The ones with Elixir’s generally do not need anything.


Elixir strings and fast fret always.


Haven’t tried that for the last 20 years. Didn’t work so well back then. I will give it another chance, thanks for the tip!


I forgot all about fast frets!
I have one in a guitar case, but I haven’t used it in ages…

I’ve heard stories of people with very sweaty hands who corrode their strings in a matter of days :scream: But that never happened to me.

Actually this topic makes me want to try it again and compare, I will post my results back!


I’ve been using it for years for cleaning my strings, I recommended it to a friend and even uses it before playing because he likes how it feels :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m one of those who Giorgio says, my sweat is a string killer.


Hey, welcome @Aram, and sorry for your corrosive sweat :innocent:

Do you apply it regularly like weekly or after each time you play?

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Hey Giorgio, thanks for the warm welcome.

I apply it after each play or practice session. My strings last a lot longer and they are easier to clean with it.

Good stuff.


Wow, that’s some discipline right there, I think I am going to give it a try and see if it affects playing.

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