Fun with a theme in different styles

Hi all,

I had a melody in mind one morning and the idea to repeat it in different styles.

To not let it get boring I thought of a funny package (“A day in the life of an office worker”), using variations in speed and instrumentation to adjust the energy to make it fit to the situation of the piece.

It just came out of my mind like that, I don’t mean to offend anyone!

I was trying to keep it intuitive, so I didn’t go through my usual procedure of writing songs and then letting them “rest” for some time to give them a fresh ear and adapt if necessary.

Here it is, enjoy!


Great melody my friend!

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Thank you Arnaud! It was really fun, creating this video! :slight_smile:

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The beginning reminded me a lot of Helloween’s “Starlight”. I like the idea of doing a whole song based on that. It’s like an ultra-condensed “opera” :grin:

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