Exercice 6 day 2 guitar workout. question on theory

Hey folks! A question for you on execice 6 of day 2 of the workout, it’s not a tacnical question but rather a music theory question.

Basically that execice is a triad arpeggio on the GMaj scale chord progression with an extra note before the root note to make it a 2 note per string alternate picking execice.
up to a point as far as i understand (and i’m not sure i understand music theory that much) is the 7th palced before the root note.

G => TRIAD = G-B-D added note is F# before the G
A => TRIAD =A-C-E- added note befor A is G
so on untill D

D=> TRIAD = D-F#-A now my guessing is that the added 7th on the G scale should be C but on the execice is C# and with my very limited music knowledge i’m not figuring the reason of this change!

I add below a screenshot that maybe is clearer than my shaking explanation.
Thanks so much guys!!!


Yeah, you are perceftly right about the 7th degree to the D Mixolydian being a C, not a C#. Well, that C# makes it a DMajor7 instead of a D7. You can lower the C#, just make sure you lower all three of them within the shape…or not! :slight_smile: I noticed that too, but didn’t bother me much. Either keep it as it is -> one less shape on the left hand to worry about and you can concentrate on the right hand (which is what the ex. is about). Or you can lower the C# and make the excercise fully diatonic. Plus one shape to learn, plus one shape to your “reprtoire”. It’s a win-win either way. :smiley:


Always spot on @nexion218! I knew that if you have s major triad you drop the tird a semitone to get minor but did not know about rising the fourth (is that correct???)
Thanks a lot my friend :metal::sunglasses::metal:

You are correct about flattening the third to make a major triad minor. However - at least based on my limited knowledge - a sharp fourh much rather defines the Lydian mode to me. Which is of course major, but it’s not the #4 that makes it major, but the M3 and P5.

Also, if you observe, here the C# functions as the seventh of a D Major scale. The scale in which the C# would function as a sharp fourth is the G Lydian. I’d say it is just a case of simplification for he sake of the exercise, but I could be wrong.

Maybe you could ask the man himself tonight! :wink:

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Thanks a lot my friend you are slways kind and helpful!!! I guess we will meet tonight and of course we can ask to the Maestro!!! C u later​:metal::sunglasses::metal:

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