DV Mark Multiamp vs Helix floor

Hi all,

Another gear question: what do you think about the DV Mark mulitamp (used by Kiko) in comparison with an Helix (used by… me :slight_smile:)?
Pros and cons from both unit can be interesting for me.

See you


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I thought Kiko used a AX FX unit. Interesting. I myself have a Helix LT and love it to death.

For what is worth, @kiko mentioned he is working with Neural and he is gonna use an unit from them.

You 're right I saw a post where Kiko mentioned it.
Anyway, with the new update, I fall in love again with my Helix :joy:

Oh, there’s a new update? I think my Helix had a version that’s at least 1 year old! I am going check this one out. I am assuming new amps?

Yes they release the 3.0 version.
All the new features (not only amp) are here: https://line6.com/support/page/kb/effects-controllers/helix/helix-30-release-notes-r934/

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Great, it looks like they really added a lot of new effects too. I am going have to find that usb cable to update to firmware 3!

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I’ve never used a helix and heard some people comment that the higher gain sounds are not that convincing when it comes to sound and feel. Now that’s with the older version firmware apparently. Was wondering how you feel about the unit especially the latest upgrade? I am thinking of incorporating it into my current rig for effects etc. Do you use everything out of the box, or use 3rd party impulse responses and external gear with it?

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I used the Helix with my JVM410JS and a Cab so I always use the marshall power amp section and cabinet while I’m using the amp modelisations.
I’m quite satisfy honestly speaking but it needs time to reach the “level”. On the other hand, there are tons of tutorial on the WEB so, you can’t really be lost.
About external IRs, I don’t use them but the stock cabs are also good when well used.