DV Mark Multiamp vs Helix floor

Hi all,

Another gear question: what do you think about the DV Mark mulitamp (used by Kiko) in comparison with an Helix (used by… me :slight_smile:)?
Pros and cons from both unit can be interesting for me.

See you


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I thought Kiko used a AX FX unit. Interesting. I myself have a Helix LT and love it to death.

For what is worth, @kiko mentioned he is working with Neural and he is gonna use an unit from them.

You 're right I saw a post where Kiko mentioned it.
Anyway, with the new update, I fall in love again with my Helix :joy:

Oh, there’s a new update? I think my Helix had a version that’s at least 1 year old! I am going check this one out. I am assuming new amps?

Yes they release the 3.0 version.
All the new features (not only amp) are here: https://line6.com/support/page/kb/effects-controllers/helix/helix-30-release-notes-r934/

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Great, it looks like they really added a lot of new effects too. I am going have to find that usb cable to update to firmware 3!