Does anyone have a keyboard or synthesizer

Think about getting one. Is Roland the king?

Hi devintb, I use a Roland GR-55 guitar synth. I use it in my band to do any keyboard and synth sounds that we need. It requires a 13-pin cable and a synth adapter that comes with the pedal, but I can play pretty much any keyboard part on my guitar and I don’t have to learn to play the keyboard. Also, it comes with a special six pole pickup that takes the signal from each of your strings and allows you to do alternate tunings at the press of a button. Something to look into…


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Appreciate Rick,

I like the sounds from the gt100 guitar processor. Are those patches available on GR-55? What kind of music do you perform with your band? Curious are you able to do non-standard tunings?

Yes it will do most of the effects of the gt100, but the gr-55 is more of a synth than just an effects processor. It doesn’t use a 1/4” cable, it uses a 13 pin cable so you’re able to create hundreds of synth sounds and program each string as it’s own instrument if you want. You can do alternate tunings like dadgad, open g, drop d, whatever you’d like. I play in a Led Zeppelin tribute band so I do many alternate guitar tunings, strings, horns, clavichord, piano, marimbas, gong, organs, acoustic guitar, 12-string, 70’s progressive synth… whatever John Paul jones and jimmy page came up with, it can do. I can even get a perfect recorder/flute and the Fender Rhodes keyboard in Stairway to Heaven! Plus hundreds of other things I’ll never even have a use for. Take a look on YouTube, the gr-55 does a LOT.

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