Do you learn songs by ear, you tube or tab?

For me I stick with by ear. Might be slower but feels better when I succeed.

Also forgot to mention I have gibsons “RockSmith” which is a spin on guitarhero.

I used to use tabs but I noticed many of them even the official ones are really off so eventually stopped using them. Ill try to learn songs by ear and compare them to the tabs for example Megadeth - Lucretia. I was able to break down the intro riff by playing it at 25% and I when looked at the tabs I was actually pretty spot on other than some hammer on differences.

Ill also use youtube videos for the tabs to solos and I think Ben Eller def is the best one to check out. His transcription of Tornado Of Souls solo is by the far the most accurate and about as close as to Martys playing I think.

Ben Eller is solid.

I enjoy watching guitar play throughs on you tube. Seems most of the artist will have a couple video play throughs.

Same devintb , youtube, if you search, can be a great tool for learning songs. I have an app that captures videos and then you can change the tempo without changing the pitch.

My ear is still not good enough to learn entire songs with. I will try to use my ear for specific parts or if I think the lesson/tab is wrong compared to the artist’s recording. When I get it right by ear it’s extremely satisfying.

I use a lot of youtube lessons and sometimes tab, but I have found most tab is not that accurate and end up having to un-do a lot of the incorrect parts that I learn.