Death - Vacant Planets Cover

One of my challenges has been to cover the entire ‘Human’ album of Death. I have just done the 7th one ‘Vacant Planets’, which is the closing track of the album. ‘Human’ is a really important album to me as it’s my biggest influence on my death metal career. Not sure if there are many Death fans here but thought I’d share anyway.


Wow! :hushed: That’s quite an impressive challenge you set yourself there !
I wish you… Well what can I wish you ? :sweat_smile:"good luck" seems much too little for such a daring challenge. But I wish all the best! :metal::+1::wink:
I haven’t listened to your cover of vacant planets… I’ll do that first :arrow_right:
Ps : I was already impressed by your solo for the collaborative video by the way… Great tapping technique👌

Saw the video. You nailed it! :exploding_head: Brilliant :+1: The solo was impressive!

Edit : I was curious to see some of the other covers you made… Brilliant cover of “Endangered Species”! :ok_hand:I’m impressed.

Hi Bruno thank you for the nice words. With Death and ‘Human’ I am nearly just one more song to cover.

‘Endangered Species’ that was a lot of hard work it took a long time, I was really touched that Kiko left a comment after seeing it on instagram.

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Death fan here! :purple_heart:
All your covers are brilliant, and I can’t wait for the other ones. Human and Symbolic are my favourite Death albums, but I love all of them!

Hi Laura, I posted all of them on my youtube page - just Cosmic Sea left to do.

Symbolic is amazing as well for sure to be fair with Death I like everything.

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Thanks Shoi, I’ll search on your channel what I’ve missed, then :innocent:

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Cool let me know what you think

Do you learn by ear boss?

Thanks @Shoi, I edited your post to embed the videos directly here.
This is awesome, thanks for sharing! I am curious, how did you get the tab at the bottom and got everything in sync?

Also, I noticed your right hand is very relax, with minimum movement, you should make a tutorial for us on how to play that tight :slight_smile:


It’s a mix half by ear and half with tab.

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Hey mate, so the backing track was created through the midi of GP. So I used Quicktime to record my screen whilst playing the GP track in real time, as I played to the same tempo of Guitar Pro track it synced perfectly.

And yes would be happy to do a tutorial on my right hand movement, thanks for noticing.

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That’d be awesome, I think we can all learn one thing or two from each other!