Custom Pedalboard Flight Case

Hi guys! :slight_smile: Hope all is well.

Do you know someone who make custom pedalboard flight case?

Thank you!


Idk about custom or flight case, but one of my friends has a voodoo lab pedalboard backpack.
Sorry I can’t help much, I kinda want to hear if this exists too. (My board is hand made, so no case exists for it)

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Hi @ironsabbath2112, found a local shop that makes custom flight cases :slight_smile: Yes they exist.

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@markoliver.idio nice

How expensive are they?

they’re cheap! :slight_smile: got it for 50 bucks!

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Wow, that’s cheap! Please share a picture, i need to see it :slight_smile:

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sure! :slight_smile: I will post it here once it arrives.