Coroner - Divine Step (Conspectu Mortis) - Full Cover

Took a little break from making video etc but I am back with a cover of one of my favourite bands Coroner. This is ‘Divine Step’ the opening song from their 4th album Mental Vortex. Tommy Vetterli is such an amazing but criminally underrated guitarist. Hope you guys dig !


I agree about Tommy Vetterli. Anyway… Coroner is indeed an underrated band. And Mental Vortex is my favorite Coroner album and one of my favorite thrash metal album of that era.

Good cover choice :+1:

Those cymbal sounds from 2:25 onwards almost sound like grasshoppers :sweat_smile: and I have the impression the backing track is faster than the original in some parts but it might be because I’m so used to hearing the vocals with it… Anyway, a part from this, your playing is spot on (as usual) ! :ok_hand: :clap:

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Thank you.
Yeah that backing track isn’t the best, and yes the song was definitely faster, it was a real struggled to keep up sometimes and I don’t have an issue playing along to the original track.