Change String Gauge

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I’m currently using Elixir 10-46 on my Ibanez AZ2402 and I want to change it to 9-42.
Do I need to adjust anything?

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Hey, most likely you will have to adjust your trust rod. If you use the same tuning with lighter strings, you will need to lower the tension on your neck to keep it flat.
Also, changing string gauge can affect intonation, so will likely need to fine-tune that as well.
Can you share pictures of your neck after changing the strings?

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Before touching the truss rod , I would let it sit a day or 2 and see what happens. Then check the neck and bridge. On my Ibanez it usually will just require loosening the springs underneath to bring the bridge parallel to the body again.

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Oh Yes! you will definitely have to re adjust your truss rod, intonation and reset your action. I play using 8ga. Hybrid set on my Ibanez and Strat and 10ga. Elixir on my Acoustic. Its quite a bit of work to set up… I would like to move up to a 9ga. set of Hybrids on my Jackson but considering I have active pickups its a lot of work and with all of the re-adjustments I don’t know if I’m ready to make that move. I have the Seymour Duncan Blackouts on the Jackson so I’m not sure if I want to do that yet…

I hope you get the sound and feel your looking for brotha!:wink:

Riff~Life :purple_heart:

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