Cataloging topics covered during live streams

Every time Kiko does a private livestream for us, I end up not submitting a question because I am not sure if a similar one has already been answered in previous livestreams :speak_no_evil: So while going through the backlog, I’ll try to list the topics covered. I’ve only finished the first two so feel free to contribute if you find this useful - we will have a comprehensive list sooner if more people join :slight_smile:

Student Batch #1 Live with Kiko #1

00:09:17 reducing tension when playing
00:15:58 stretching exercises
00:21:19 thumb/index finger movement when alternate picking
00:24:44 phase 2: changing exercise every 5 minutes vs playing one for the whole 20 minutes
00:29:30 fluency when switching from string to string
00:35:20 opinion on pickslanting (from Cracking The Code by Troy Grady)
00:38:39 should you do two workout sessions if you can play for two hours in a day?
00:40:45 amp settings for practice
00:42:15 playing standing up
00:48:12 maintaining a level with one technique while actively working on another
00:52:35 how conscious are you of specific modes and intervals while improvising solos
00:54:12 bad (guitar playing) days
00:54:30 how to keep motivated
00:58:04 how to solo and improvise
01:06:11 bending and vibrato exercises
01:12:00 getting into the right mindset for practicing
01:14:20 overcoming stage fright

Student Batch #2 Live with Kiko #2

00:03:32 integrating alternate and sweep picking
00:09:37 fretting hand position
00:11:40 picking hand position
00:16:29 being prepared for workouts/getting to know the material or playing the things you know
00:28:58 how much does Kiko play every day/tips on dividing the time
00:33:50 how to avoid touching other strings with the fretting hand while doing legato
00:41:40 improving finger strength for bending
00:47:40 is there a “correct” pick angle?
00:52:00 practicing riffs/endurance
00:55:55 finger rolling in sweep picking arpeggios
00:58:30 Enfermo main lick
01:05:14 improving downpicking for metal riffing
01:07:18 keeping up with the timing on stage
01:08:10 tendonitis
01:11:58 adapting old megadeth solos
01:13:58 tempos for practicing in different workout phases
01:16:05 getting the hands in sync
01:22:20 choosing between alternate and sweep picking (Enfermo again)
01:23:15 strings Kiko uses
01:23:48 how long does it take to notice progress?
01:28:12 tips to release tension
01:31:30 Dave Mustaine’s guitar


This is some heroic work, excellent! I love it!

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