Best mid range Electric guitar

Hey, I am receiving a few messages from people who are looking for a new guitar but can’t/don’t want to buy an expensive model.
Sounds like this is a great question to ask this forum since we all have the guitar bug (GAS…) and it might be a different answer depending on where you live.
I was thinking, something between $500 and $1000 new,

What would you recommend?

I think to get a truly midrange giutar, I’d go used with that money. Unfortunately midrange stuff new is more like 1000 USD over here… :frowning:

Ah you’re right, this amount is a bit too low, let me change the price range

I’m just condensing all my comments into one:



Gibson (maybe a little over)

Jackson (maybe charvel too if it’s the same quality)

Fender made in Mexico.

I’ve heard good things about solar, but I have no experience

Last thing: try before you buy. You want to find YOUR guitar, though now might not be a great time to try stuff (pandemic and all), you want to get a guitar you will keep picking up after the honeymoon is over.

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Epiphone Les Paul Custom and upgrade the bridge pickup if you think it’s necessary. I had one in Silverburst and was happy with the sound and feel.

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Maybe the best advice here is try before you buy like @ironsabbath2112 said or find a retailer with impeccable return policy.

They can be hit or miss in this range unfortunately. Swapping lower end hardware is no biggie, eventually would do it anyways. But sloppy routings or botched fretjobs can’t be fixed at home and without doling out cash again, which is a big no-no when spending a grand on a new guitar.

I had good experiences with all three of my Pro Series Jacksons in the given price category, but all of them have/had minor imperfections which were either aesthetic or fixable in 5 minutes. Great instruments. But recently they are driving up their prices (1400-ish for some Pro Series) and some models are not even made in Indonesia, but China. Ouch.

Solars sound like a lot of guitar for the money, but if I remeber correctly someone on here had problems with cracking neck joints. Others love them. I was eyeing one for a long time, but bought a nother Jackson instead🤣

And even in the 1000 USD range I wouldn’t rule out the used market. Generally speaking you can go up a category for the same money when buying used.

Asan interesting sidenote, almost every big brand hires either Cort, Samick or WMI to.produce their mid-tier import models…

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Lots of good tips here. I’d like to add that, at this price range, the main thing to look for is how the guitar feels when you play it. That - and aesthetics - are the two things you can’t really upgrade. But hardware, tuners, pickups, wiring can all be upgraded over time by you or a luthier. You may have a better guitar if you find one at the lower end of you budget that plays great and use the rest of the money to upgrade, rather than spending it all on the guitar purchase and ending up frustrated.

Trying before you buy is great, just take into account the set-up of the guitar because a lot of stores just slap the guitars on the wall without changing strings, adjusting for change in temp etc.

For buying online just check the return policy. Most online stores are pretty good about this. Just don’t mod it or change strings or anything until you know you won’t return it!

And if you’re unsure about a specific thing on the guitar - fret job, nut, neck joint etc. - ask luthier or a friend who knows more. Or maybe post the question with a pic on here as it seems people are very helpful and knowledgeable in this forum.


The best “shredder” guitar I have found in this price range is the Ibanez RG550 or any of the Genesis series, followed closely by Solar guitars. You can also find many used Prestiges within your range. These all can be considered high range guitars.

Or do you have something different in mind? Yamaha Revstar guitars are also fantastic, for example.

What kind of guitar you want?

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