Best guitar to start with?

I started playing a few years ago and my friend is looking to start playing now. Just wondering if there is a specific guitar that is best to start out on?

I found that after basic quality of construction requirements are met , comfort and playability are the most important things. Go to a store see what body styles are most comfortable and forget about how cool the guitar may look.

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I started out learning on a decent used acoustic guitar I bought from a friend who actually played the guitar very well… He was also awsome on an electric guitar. With that being said the guitar was well kept and set up very nicely.

I agree its not about how a guitar looks but how the guitar is set up, feels and sounds. For me starting out with an acoustic guitar was more of an intamate experience. However over the years I believe if you stick with the guitar the guitar will eventually find you.

Its not about how much a guitar cost either. I wish your friend well in choosing.