Benefits on doing the same exercise twice

Hello folks.

As maybe a few of you have read in some of the discussions, in my practice routing I’m using Kikos structure for practicing the stuff I’m doing for my band. So, because of that, I still haven’t started the course. Until I finish that.

Now, since I’ve been advancing, now I only have three different exercises/licks I do. Let’s call them A, B y C for the sake of simplicity.

So my structure is as follows. I do the fundamentals, then, for the musical exercises I do A, B, C, B, A and for out of the plateau the same.

My question is. Do you think there is a benefit on doing both A and B twice per section or should I implement other stuff so it’s more like A, B, C, D and F?

Also, as soon as nail this licks I’ll start with the whole course.



I do them every day…ask your self if you know them…my warm up is about 45 minutes before I get to the course and then I review what I did the day before…like pulling teeth but that’s how I learn…repetitive practise.

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I agree with Steve in that don’t go faster than you are ready. I make sure I know something before I consider it complete. Now I’m not doing exercises for speed if you are I heard this is a daily practice. I also jump around to keep it interesting with the focus on a deeper comprehension. But I do the exercises probably hundreds of times.

I believe the important thing is always being motivated to play. A and B only might put you in a comfort zone or dismotivate you. But If you feel motivated and feel that improvements are happening I don’t see a problem of doing only A and B until they are great and then go to the C and D. If so, try to keep A B + C and A B+ C+ D. So you always revise the one you know best.