Bad days, good days. We all have them

Hello, friends!

Just wanted to share some experiences I’ve been having hoping it helps some of you.

But first I really want to thank @Giorgio for creating this section.

Now back to subject.

There is one particular exercise which has been giving me a little bit of trouble.

For some days I could gradually raise the tempo each day, then on some days I was totally unable to play it at the same speed and had to lower the speed again, almost like starting all over.

Well, I didn’t let that discourage and, finally, every day I can raise the speed a little bit while playing it clean and precise.

So, my point is: don’t let some bad days discourage you. Keep pushing and, eventually, you will get out of the umbral.

Kiko himself has mentioned bad days happen. It happens to everyone. Then we can also have great days when it seems everything is working so good and the hands are flying.

Practice, practice, practice. And each obstacle we defeat, is one more inspiring moment to going further.


I hear you. I think there is a psychological element to it – where you struggle with a certain technique, practice it over and over, and get nowhere. Then one day you pick the guitar and, without even thinking about it, nail that thing that was giving you so much hell earlier. It’s almost shocking how fast you can improve sometimes.



Just keep pushing it!

Yes, there are days when everything goes by and others less. Everyone goes through it and will go through it again regardless of the instrument, it’s discouraging but you have to think about the final result, your objective and therefore you have to learn to love all the process to get there with the good and bad days. Because even on bad days we can get some positive !!

Work smart music and practice !!:metal::blush:


That’s exactly what I feel, especially because I’m still at the beginning of my guitar journey. Some days are really frustrating and it seems I’ve never touched a guitar in my entire life :disappointed: other days I enjoy a lot playing and I can see progress from my notes, that’s exciting!
It’s encouraging to hear everyone, even experienced guitar players, can experiment those bad moments, thanks for sharing :heart_eyes:


Exactly!! That’s why doing the fundamentals is so important . You build a foundation regardless you are in a inspired day. Changing the exercises and the techniques is the way to start fresh and excited . The results come slowly but you will have some spikes here and there… and some plateaus as well… it’s part of the process .


Haha yeah I definitely have those days where I feel like I’m not getting anywhere but then the next day feels the complete opposite.