Autumn Leaves... well.. walks

Here’s a small sound sample from my dirt cheap weekend score Ibanez AS53 (NGD thread coming) through a Focusrite Clarett 2Pre and Neural DSP Archetype Plini.

Cut some slack for my playing, this is my first crack at “arranging” walking bass lines for anything. I drew first blood on the A Section of Autumn Leaves. I don’t think I ever played in front of people without distortion either… :rofl: Did my best to find a fitting outfit for a classy tune…


well done my friend!!!

Nice job and perfect time for the song :+1:t3:

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Good point, didn’t notice that I did it in the last days of Autumn! :slight_smile:

Really authentic! Well done @nexion218 !!!
This was one of the obligatory pieces for my entrance examination at that time. Eeeveryone had to play it. You could see that on the jury’s faces. :sweat_smile:

Those changes are used in “Still Got The Blues” as well. I love both songs!

Thanks a lot for posting! :muscle:t2:

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Great! Nice find on the guitar.

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All I need is a martini and cigarette.

Here you go: