Another Day - Dream Theater (Solo Cover)

Finally I can play my all time favorite guitar solo.
Lots of mistakes but I see I improved a lot since I became a member of Guitar Hacks.


Hey Mark,

really awesome!! I love that solo, too!
Would you like to post an update in a few weeks from now on to give an update on your progress?

But it is pretty cool already!!! :metal:

Let us know, if we as a community can help you!


Thanks @nilsrocks :metal:

Yes sure! Could you please critic my technique?
What should I work on?

Thank you!

Hi Mark, I love that solo and your version is great already!
But since you asked for picky details on technique, I would say at the 0:37 mark, the series of legato/pull offs does not sound as clear as they could be.

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Hi Mark,

First of all: You’re doing so many things right in my opitnion! So when I count up little mistakes or better to say sloppy moments, don’t get me wrong. I really like how you play!!

Second 20: The upwards scale is a bit sloppy, I think this might be more a problem of your right hand, not the left - or maybe the connection between both hands! Best was to practice this is to decrease the speed when practicing this part!

Same at sec 27! Your sound is great so I think it is not a general problem of your technique! Sometimes we make such mistakes because we loose focus for a moment.
When we practice we train our muscular memory which allows some unfocussed moments. Playing new stuff always demands us to be concentrated on every note.

Just to be sure: Try if a change of direction of your alternate picking does the trick!

Sec 31: Careful with that bending! It is a bit low. Maybe play it a split second earlier (no kidding) in order to have more time to hit the right note.

Sec 36: Not sure about that part, because I know the solo only by ear. Always thought that was a matter of sweeping arpeggios downwards… :thinking:

Sec 40: Try out this sliding/picking technique (or better to say “lick”) as an exercise itself! It is pretty cool to just play it upwards, too and you can use it in impro stuff!

I hope this helps you! Videoanalysis is a thankful thing and you will know best, if some of my advices help you.

Again: It really sounds great and I really would have to practice this solo myself to play it right!!!