Alternate picking

What’s up hackers , I am working on alternate picking and I have question on the out of the plateau part. For example , i am able to play 6 notes per beat @120 bpm in day 3 alternate picking . Although my wrist is quiet relaxed I can slowly feel pressure in my elbow . Does that mean I should lower the speed to 100 bpm where my arm is much more relaxed and build speed from there on or should I stay on 120 bpm till it hand get used to playing at that speed and hopefully gets relaxed ?
I could really get some perspective from your advices . Thank you .

Sure, slow down some and try to relax your shoulder and “the twitching” I think to say. Breathe and relax your mind and body and it will begin to flow brother.


Thank you frisco, will slowdown some and give it a try brother . Cheers .

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The more in control you are, the more you improve :slight_smile: .


I don’t think you can expect your hands, shoulders or arms to “hopefully get relaxed” from playing at a high speed.
It’s better to start from a slow pace where you’re fully in control of what you play and slowly let your muscles get use to play at higher speeds.

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Thanks man, have reduced speed and now focusing on control , will gradually increase the speed . Cheers mate .

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Thank you @brunobailly7 . I reduced the speed to get more control and clarity in my playing . I really appreciate you suggestion these are invaluable for my progress . Starting the process from scratch. Thanks again mate for your reply . Cheers

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You’re very welcome :slightly_smiling_face: