After practicing

Hey guys! Happy New Year! Question: After your practices do you guys go straight into playing songs you know, learn a new song, take a break or go into your seven factors( for extra credit) or create your own riffs? Keep on Riffing!


Hey !

Personnaly, often, i go to the bed after !! Because i play when my kid is on the bed so it’s late.:sweat_smile:

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I tend to work loose myself on either ideas or a peice I’m learning. During this time I feel at my best and it is fun and exciting to nail the riffs.

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Solid answers. I’m only asking because of now I’ve been unemployed on and off since March of 2020 so I’ve been taking advantage of Kiko’s course. I’m trying to find a solid way of playing the guitar after my practices (including doing the seven factors).

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I hate to admit it, but pretty much the only time I practice is if there is a musical idea in my head that I can’t physically execute. I need to break out of that approach – it’s holding back.

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It depends on my mood. Sometimes compose, sometimes play songs I didn’t play in a while, sometimes read books… etc.

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I usually don’t. I separate practice time completely from play, creating, recording to mornings before work. I usually look to evenings to play, create and record. Just because of time. This ends up being good before bed…when I am done creating I am usually in a good mood/ state for sleeping.

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I warm up with a couple slow solos I want to get right (like Time from Pink Floyd, for example), then I do my whole practice session.

Afterwards I continue with the 7 Factor and then some noodling.

This way is always fun for me.

After a serious practicing session (at least playing phases 1 to 3, if not the 4th one) I usually take a break and get a glass of water :sweat_smile: (not that the beer breaks are gone, they just don’t happen after a practice session anymore lol).
But when I do get enough time and ENERGY after a practice session I usually play riffs or songs that I know, I also go through scales… It’s actually quite satisfying to see how the practice session helps me play more “fluidly” (if such a word exists lol).
But I rarely have creative ideas right after a practice session. They usually happen in between sessions or after having tried to improvise over a song or just a rythm (lately I’ve been using an app to program drum tracks and improvise over it… Guess I got a bit bored with the metronome). Actually these ideas often come in the form of exercises… So I end up with extra exercises to practice, and I’m still wondering if this is a distraction from Kiko’s guitar workout or if it helps :thinking: