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Hi everyone!

Telling from my experience there are different ways of writing a song and lyrics. I say “and lyrics” and not “with”, because an instrumental could be written the same way.

Maybe it could be a good idea first to mention, what methods can be used, or better to say, what starting points exist?

I know of the following:

To have the idea of a topic or theme and to figure out, what’s the best way to discribe it or the way you feel about it.

To have a certain mood you want to express.

To have written a part of the song (verse, chorus, bridge etc.) and try to build a song around it.

To have written the lyrics which still need the music.

To have a specific technique, instrument or sound you want to perform in a song.

Please extend the list if you know any more! I think it is already inspiring to know from where you could start.


That’s a great way I have heard of, but never tried, thanks for the detailed axample with today’s date!

I’d like to mention that in my first post under your name so we would have kind of a list. What should be the short explanation for that method, what would you call it?

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I moved my “post” out into the main songwriting category, I believe that is what @Giorgio, intended when he made it. I named it so if you want to mention it or whatever in yours you can. :slight_smile:

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Hi @theherd, I wanted to add your post to the list, but unfortunaltey I can’t edit the post any more.
Then let’s just keep it the way you started it by just adding topics to the category! :+1: