7 Factor Course

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Would like some advice on above course please, thinking of purchasing the 7 Factor Course but i’m fairly new to guitar and feel it may be way to advanced as i’m not that good, would it suit a relative beginner and does it contain tabs ect, any advice would be great, thankyou.


I would classify myself as a beginner but have found the course to be pretty solid. Shouldn’t be too advanced and there are tabs with every video


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I do believe the 7 Factor Course is a perfect fit for beginners and advanced guitarists alike who want to understand the fundamental principals of music theory and provides an advanced approach to learning how to write understand and compose their own music.

This course does come with video, tabs for learning and explains alot about the fundamental use of the scales modes and how to construct chords and arpeggios which is built from the knowledge of the major scale.

Kiko breaks everything down from the old traditional way of learning and provides a simple to understand concept of real application by providing excellent examples. You also get the live once a month Q&A from Kiko and the support of the Guitar Hacks Community.

I was self taught for the most part and have been playing guitar for the past ten years and I do like participating, playing and performing in live shows. However despite my best efforts to play guitar I found that I hit a stone wall when it came to improvisation and self expression of how I felt and had difficult time trying to improve my skills until I found Kiko’s Guitar Hacks and community. Since then (approx. 9 months) my guitar skills have improved exponentially.

I find that their is alot of information in the 7 Factor Course and honestly you will have to pace yourself as it will guide you into the next stratosphere. I admit it will take you some time to get through the course, However no worries, you can work on it at your own pace and fit it into almost any busy schedule.

Just one more note, I live in the U.S. Va. Beach Va. area and a 30 minute guitar lesson from a qualified guitar instructor here will cost you about $30.00 per lesson (U.S. dollars.) That’s approx. $120.00 dollars a month and you will not get nearly as much information or support.

I hope the info. serves you well and good luck on your journey my friend. :blush:



I’ll second Frisco here. The course begins at the very root of it all: the origins of the major scale, the harmonic series. Also, you can advance at your own pace with the lessons, so doesn’t matter if it takes you a month to digest one. Kiko starts everything from ground zero, so I have no doubts that anyone can understand and take the course. In case you feel lost, we are here for you and so is Kiko. :slight_smile: Sounds like a sales pitch, but it’s not! He really does check the forum and answers questions or provides opinion and motivation.

Also, with the 7Factor it is very important in my opinion to understand that a huge portion of mastering the modes depends on your own experimental work. Its not like a mechanical technique, where one shows you to hold your hand like this, move your pick like that and you’re set. The course can and will teach you how to access the sound of the modes but the application, music creation and the process of finding YOUR matching feelings with each mode is up to you!


Many thanks Frisco really appreciate your reply.


Thankyou Nexion appreciate your reply.


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I have pre-registered for the next opening of the Course, thanks for replies and comments