Working out Lead Harmonies help needed

Good morning folks i’m relatively new to Electric Guitar but have played Acoustic and Bass in the past but bought my first electric about 6/7 months ago, been of the older genre i’m very much into 70s classic Rock and been working on some Thin Lizzy songs (love 'em) been attempting some of there harmony lead but would like to know how to work out both parts…for example in thirds if it’s in the key of A and your peddling off the A…would the harmony part be C or C# pending on whether it’s in a Major or Minor Key…apologies if this sounds a bit dumb like i say i’m a beginner.

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Hi, I’m not sure if thats the answer, you were asking for, but if you’re in the key of A, and you have a harmony a third apart, it would be in C Major or C# Minor depending on if your key is an A Major or Minor.

Hi Janerik i thought so i did put it in original post but just wanted clarification as i’m new to guitar, but getting there and understanding a bit of theory now, thanks for your reply appreciate your help.