What's your suggestion/recommendation for someone getting back to playing after several years (10+)

Hey guitar hackers! I used to play guitar as a kid and it’s been several years but I want to get back to the game! Little to no knowledge in music theory, still working to get basic movements back as it was before. My goals: I want to play complex hard songs and be able to improvise if I wish to do so.

What’s your recommendation for someone starting again?!

My first step so far: Enrolled to the Guitar Hacks course

Keen to hear your ideas!

Will. :metal:


Hey Wetiene Welcome. The most important thing is to keep you motivated to play one hour a day at least. Try to remember the songs you used to play, jam along and choose a few exercises from the Alternate Picking and Legatos days . You don’t need to di it all from the start. If one hour per day of deliberate practice is too much for you, do half of it. 30min routine and another 30 min jamming and having fun. Let us know your progress


:thinking: I have been doing this course since Feb ~ March of this year and prefer to play live music. I been playin for the last ten years without a lesson and this course is so awesome and beneficial in so many ways.

Kiko has been such a great teacher, instructor and mentor to me and above all to all of his students. I love his forward thinking, his approach and his love for his students and music. His help and support through his live Q&A every month is very supporting, helping and beneficial to the most trying of types.

Glad to hear you decided to pick your guitar back up, there is alot of learning you can learn from here. Welcome to the Community! :love_you_gesture::black_heart::love_you_gesture:



Thanks, @Frisco_Sensing Frisco!! See you this Sunday, Oct 11th. @wetiene Wetiene Please join us!