What a Month!, but No Excuses!

Well its been awhile since visiting Guitarhacks. It started on October 1st.
Just went from straight midnight shifts to straight days. That was a brutal adjustment.
Then on October 2nd I lost my older brother to cancer. That very afternoon my laptop crashed
and after a week I was able to get it back with a new hard drive and the guy was able to save my files
at least. In the mean time October 6th we lost EVH. The reason I picked up the guitar in the first place.
Saw them live on their first tour in London Ontario in 1979… So two of my hero’s in one week. I took it hard. Thank god for family.
The training on days has been intense at work but finally getting adjusted. Starting to practice again and realize you have to find time every day for the things you love in life. Play on!!
Welcome to all the new members on Guitarhacks!!


Sorry for your loss man… Cancer’s a bitch…:confused: :frowning:

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Keep it going strong! Sorry for your loss.

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Hey Ron, sorry to read all that!
But “No Excuses” - hm - don’t know! You shouldn’t spoil your fun practicing. If you need a break, take a break. Just play. No exercises. Maybe! Just my opinion.
Since I always bring my thoughts into the exercises I practice, this is what I would do. Don’t want to remember hard times everytime I use a certain technique.

Maybe I’m completely wrong and practice distracts you from bad feelings.
However it is, I wish you the strengh to go ahead!


Thanks for the thoughts guys!!
Nils you’re right, it’s good to channel your current feelings through your playing. I think those listening will see how genuine it is. Cheers!!

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