Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

Hi all. My name is Payoj. I live in San Francisco and I’ve been playing guitar on and off for several years. I want to learn about modes because I feel a bit restricted in composing music with my current knowledge of music theory. As for gear I’m proud of, it’s definitely my Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. I like bands like Lamb of God, Black Dahlia Murder, August Burns Red etc.


Hey folks, some info about me and why I’m here:

Favorite Music, Styles, Techniques.. Rock, metal, blues, progressive. Bands I’ve been drawn to over the long-term include, Angra (\m/), Megadeth, Nevermore/Jeff Loomis, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Wintersun/Teemu Mantysaari, NeObliviscaris, Paul Gilbert, etc.

Top 3 Pieces of Gear. Impossible question, but (1) Soldano Hot Rod amp, (2) AxeFx (and perhaps Quad Cortex if it ever arrives), (3) all guitars!

Geographically, I’m in NYC.

Looking forward to this process!


Welcome to the community, fellow New Yorker! :metal: :guitar:

You mean Noo Yawk? :joy: (Sorry, no offense there, I just have this thing for new york/italian american accent)


Ue gumpa you alwais joke ah. Baciamo le mani😂

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: You’re absolutely right, sorry I mispronounced it :rofl:

Hi, I am Rob from CT. I am 62 and have played guitar since I was 10 years old. My first guitars that I owned and learned on were a 1972 Fender Stratocaster and a 1967 Fender Telecaster. I still own both of them. My first concert was Johnny Winter at MSG in 1973. In 1974, I saw Led Zeppelin live to support of the Physical Graffiti album. Seeing Jimmy Page play live was a once in a lifetime experience! I have seen many of the guitar greats live. Some of my favorite guitarists are Eric Clapton, Tony Iommi, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Steve Howe, David Gilmour, Pat Metheny, Dimebag Darrell, Eddie Valen, Randy Rhoads, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Duane Allman, Keith Merrow and John Petrucci. The list could go on forever. I listen to classic rock, progressive rock and heavy metal. Some of my favorite guitars are Mayones Duvells, Fender Stratocasters and Gibson Les Pauls. I am excited to meet other guitarists, exchange ideas, and learn from them.


Hello Good People!!!
it is real pleasure to be in the group with you!

I am from Poland , have been playing the guitar/guitars for long time and from time to time I decided to increase my ‘play-ability’ and enjoyment taken from playing the guitar.
And the best way is to have a GOOD teacher so I joined this group.

I love many guitar players: Hendrix, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Vai to name only few.
I listen to various kinds of music just to enjoy it and sometimes try to play them.

Wish all of us lot of joy and steady progress on our quest to be a better musician.



Welcome! Happy to see you here.

Hey there, my name is Stanislav, I’m 32yo from Kazakhstan.

Guitar: Strandberg
Amp: Archetype Gojira from Neural DSP

I’ve been playing acoustic guitar for many years, then had a long break. A few months ago I got an electric guitar and decided to learn how to play guitar from scratch, this time in the right way. I started practicing ear training and studying music theory, which opened up a whole new perspective on music for me.


Hey everyone, Im Chris from Winnipeg, Canada (also known as Winterpeg)
Im 50 years old and have too many interests, so unfortunately I have to spread my time across all my hobbies. I started playing guitar in grade 6 and continued all the way to Grade 12 , after that I kind of dabbled on and off going to University… Unfortunately my time playing went from everyday to every other day, to once a week, to all my stuff just sat there for a few years… But Ive decided I can now make the time to dedicate more time to playing… My fav bands are Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and Metallica, I grew up with 80s hair metal so alot of those bands get cranked in the car as well… My oldest guitar is an 86 Ibanez Roadstar 2 modded with Dimarzio pickups (mimic Iron Maiden) on the far extreme level I also like Hawaiian Slack key guitar… hobby wise, I race bicycles so thats where alot of my time goes, just having fun with guitar and want to learn some new stuff and try and get back where I was and better. Thanks!!!


Wellcome Chris!!! You sound like my twin… iron maiden, 80 s hair metal, lots of interest little time​:joy::joy::joy: only difference i ride a motorbike​:motorcycle::wink:. Anyway fir guitar you are in the right place!!!

Very cool!!! I need another 5 hours in the day to get half the stuff done I need too… I rode 100km on my indoor trainer this morning, intended on playing some guitar, but thats already gone sideways with other stuff (house issues) sigh


Hello everyone! I’m an old guy (62) looking to learn new tricks. Currently living in the Kansas City, MO area, I came up in the LA basin. I spent a year at Musicians Institue, 1986-87, which really opened my ears to lots of different types of music. More of a “Classic Rock” guy than metal, but I’m really impressed with Kiko’s YouTube videos. He seems like a great person… which doesn’t surprise me at all. All of the truly “other-worldly” players I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with (Paul Gilbert, Frank Gambale, Joe Pass, Steve Morse, Albert Lee…) have been great people. As for gear, I love PRS guitars and am still using a 20+ year old Boss GT-6 into a newer Peavey Bandit. Sounds good to me, I’m not a real gearhead. Many people do not know that I also was 2 of the puppets in the final scene of the first Muppet movie. That was fun!


Welcome on board! Tell me about that Joe Pass guy, his name rings a bell…:wink:

Hello, everyone!

I’m Alexandre Lymberopoulos, a math teacher at University of São Paulo, Brazil. I always love to play the guitar but want to evolve in the instrument. I bought the guitar hacks last years, but I think I didn’t understand how it works, I was afraid of starting it right away and miss some important thing in the process. Wraping up, I logged into the site once watched the first videos and didn’t follow the next steps.

You guys, who went trough the material, could confirm that I’m completely wrong and should start it right away?

Keep musical!

Best, Alexandre

Hello everyone,

My name is Eric. I live in Sierra Vista, AZ. I am 49yrs old. I am currently working on my masters degree in management. I am 5 classes away from earning my degree.

I’ve been playing electric guitar for about 3 years now and I have been told from a couple instructors that I am at a moderate level but I still struggle to play more advanced songs. I would really like to progress my level. I love playing the guitar and it really helps me relax and escape. Rock on, everyone.

I am Gordon Heinrich from Durango CO.

Inspired by prog rock, punk, jazz and electronica, I play a Les Paul and an EOB Strat. My favorite pedals are Eventide H9 and a Moog Minifooger drive feeding a Roland JC amp. I produce electronica and ambient music under the name Flowing Enigma. My aim is add guitar to my published tracks and look forward to learning from Kiko.