Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

lol unfortunately i don’t have any pictures of all of them together, I think this is the last time I took out a few together to take headstock pictures Redirecting...


Hello Everyone,

My name is Wojtek, I’m 44 years old and I’m from Poland.

I love different styles of music. These are classical guitar music, jazz, funk, rock, prog-rock and metal. Megadeth and Dream Theater are at the top of my list of favourite bands :sunglasses:

My guitars are: Mayones Regius Pro 6, Guild A-150, Seagull Artist Peppino D’Agostino, Yamaha SLG200S, Alhambra 7P.
My amps are: Mesa Boogie Mark Five 35 Combo, AER Compact 60, Boss eBand JS-10.
I also use several Boss effects.

I have been playing guitar for thirty years. I played in some local rock/metal bands for several years, but without any commercial success. :slight_smile: I take guitar playing as my greatest passion and hobby and do it now at home just for myself. :slight_smile:

I am very happy to be a part of this guitar community and proud to be working on the Kiko’s project.

Best regards to all!



Hi, my name is John King, Florida. 56 year-old guitar hack, noodling around on the instrument for 35 years off and on but not really getting anywhere fast. Life and work gets in the way of practice, and I just play for a hobby and personal enjoyment. Nevertheless, I would like to be better than I am and learn to play the guitar and not just play things on the instrument but not really “know” what I am doing.

I have several guitars and top three pieces of gear are probably my JP3C Mesa Boogie amp, a Jackson USA King V, Music Man BFR JP guitar.

Sorry, no trivial to share. But my favorite music is hard rock/metal (some 80s bands - like Scorpions, Night Ranger and Skid Row), and Dream Theater, Metallica, Megadeth, Judas Priest) and classical guitar (Bach, Barrios, etc.)


Heavy Metal (Megadeth since Killing is my Business), Blues, Gospel Bluegrass are my favorite styles of music, in that order. I have a Japanese Fender Strat and 2 Schecters which I love playing with my quite cheap but handy Fender Mustang. Most people I meet these days don’t know that I was injured in a car crash and could not play for decades. I have recently started again playing left-handed due to my left fingers being almost completely paralyzed.



My name is Richard and I’m from Springfield, MO.

I’m 42 and played a little guitar in the mid 90s but am mostly known for drumming.

I listen to everything. Right now I’m on a big Devin Townsend kick. I’m wanting to right good music but I need better technique to get down what is in my head.

My gear is a PRS Custom 24 SE, Epiphone J-45 and an old cheap Jackson something or rather. I’ve spent a lot on recording software and plugins, midi controllers, etc. I mostly DI into my DAW for guitar via the Plini or Gojira Neural DSP plugin but also have a Katana with an Electroharmonix freeze, Boss EQ, tuner and Rev G3 pedal.

People may not know I’m the CEO of a software company and never considered myself good at “art”. I’ve since learned you can be both “right” and “left” brained - it’s not either or.

I’ve been watching Kiko for years now and really appreciate his work and attitude.


Hey All

Had a guitar in my hand since I turned 18 (1992) but only started taking it seriously the last few years.

Love melodic & harmonic music (especially with odd timings)

Have played with top Irish musicians in the past (traditional music)

I love my cat lol


Hello folks!
Great to be here! My name is Bobby and I’m from India.

Love all kinds of pop, rock, prog, metal, blues!

I got a Schecter CR1 the only one guitar i own for last 10 years. Additionally i got an AA6 and Katana 50 which i got recently.

So by now you must have got a picture of me :D.

I been playing for long time, but due to many reasons never get to “learn” in a proper way, did not get any guidance hence wasted the valuable youth playing without any fundamental knowledge. Just listen to borrowed cassettes and learn the songs from a tape player is all i could do. Parents were not supportive so never had a ‘proper’ guitar until i got a job. Problem was the need of unlearning and then learning later. Only passion pushed me thus far.
Here I am at 40 learning the basics which i should have done 20 years ago. But this life is all i got now. Hopeful of the future!


I hear ya, been through almost exactly the same. Don’t worry about ‘unlearning’ then re-learning. Best thing I ever did to my playing! At first it feels like you’re regressing, but once you start doing things the right way, your playing will skyrocket. Just trust @kiko and follow his method - the results will come!


Thank you @nexion218 for the response! you said right, feel like regressing :frowning:
At some point i find it difficult to visualize some of the theory such as modes from the @kiko’s videos alone. May be ill need to watch over and again…? He also mentioned it might take ‘years’ :open_mouth: … so…the light at the end of tunnel is still afar :)… hopeful ever!!

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Sure, but playing will help more. :wink: I think our mind is at fault in such cases and I think we’ve all seen it at work. At least I sure have. Here’s my theory: a shape is just a shape, neither one is easier or harder to visualize or leearn. We all learned shapes when trying to play Seek and Destroy or Smoke on the Water. But in that case our brain was instantly rewarded for learning the shape by hearing back our fave song. But when learning the shapes of the modes, we don’t get that instant reward, at least it is not that big of a reward until you can put it to work in a song or composition. So follow @kiko’s lessons, and parallel to that try to find songs or etudes that use the theory @kiko is teaching. I think that should help you in memoriting those things faster. Or better yet, try to create your own exercises or etudes. :wink:

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Hi I’m Raquel. I’ve never had much to say about anything really. I just like to hide out in the back ground and go from there. People are shady regardless of what people are shown. Even atoms behave around people cause they know… ha haaaa… but yeah I love music.



I’m Karsten Fliegner, new to Guitar Hacks. I learned of the course from Kiko himself at the recent John Petrucci Guitar Universe last month. I’ve been playing (badly) and teaching myself more-or-less from tab books and videos for quite a few years. Over that time I’ve acquired some nice gear, including various guitars and an Axe-FX.

My goal is–and has always been–to play songs I like (typically classic rock–Rush, Led Zep, The Police, etc.) along with backing tracks, but I’m constantly hampered by my awful technique so I finally resolved to do something about it. So here I am.

I look forward to the journey.



Welcome!!! I hade almost the same problem!!! You will see following the workout you will improve a great deal!!!

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Hi All,
Im Darren from UK, hope your all good :wink:
I have been playing guitar for around 20yrs and like all styles but really my heart is with ALL types of metal and rock guitar styles.
My current set up is Jackson Monarkh pro, Jackson Dinky, Ibanez Gio 6+7 string - Marshall code 100H, ENGL ritchie blackmore 100, Boss ME-80 and various pedals.
I have to say of all guitars I have played so far my Ibanez Gio satin black with shark fin inlays is the cheapest and most used guitar i have ever owned.
I currently play lead guitar in an original metal/rock band and we are currently recording our 1st album.
Im really excited to learn new techniques and get to know the community. :muscle::muscle:


Hi my Name is Michael
Im 16 I just started playing guitar a year ago I have an electric guitar but no amp but i do have an acoustic guitar too unfortuanatley its been hard for me too find the right time to practice because i have school and then football but im glad to been be on here and cant wait to see how much it helps


Welcome @michaelbro2233 and @darrensmith16 you will findnd all you need in this cumminity just ask and you will find a lot of people willing to help in anyway possible.

Welcome Michael. Practice when you feel inspired.

I completely understand what you’re talking about @cherian.bob. I’m 41 and I’ve been through the same thing.
If you can hang on to practicing Kiko’s exercices for 1 hour on a daily basis for at least two weeks… You’ll quickly see the improvements, and it will give you enough motivation to carry on. Just bare in mind that slowing things down is actually the key for improvement (AND finding a routine… But that can be harder).
You’ve come to the right place to stay motivated and have some good advices.

I’m Matt Bird, a 50 year old Canadian teaching English in China. I started playing guitar at 25 with one goal…play Megadeth! It hasn’t gone well. At 30 I went to college to learn classical guitar, heads up, it doesn’t translate to shredding on electric. I’ve taken long breaks from the guitar to focus on my education, but I just got my Masters, so now I can devote the rest of my life to achieving my musical goals.
Fav guitar, ESP Horizon, but i also have a sweet Taylor semi acoustic, Josh Homme Maton, and Ramirez classical. Gotta go with Marshall amps and I have a huge pedal board. However, I mainly just use a Dave Mustaine ZOOM.
I cheer for Wigan Athletic, a soccer team from northern England. GO TICS!


My name is Harry Hoffman from Sonora, Ca
Started playing when I moved up here 3 years ago
I’m an old guy 63
Saw Robin Trower play a show his 75th birthday on youtube a while back and he was incredible
(Robin Trower live | Rockpalast | 2005 - YouTube)
I figured I could still get 15-20 years of playing in.

My favorite guitar is my Standberg … so comfortable to play
I also have a bunch of Strats
Run them thru an AXE-FX III and record to studio one.

Favorite music Rush, Zepplin, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Porcupine Tree, Stray Cats, but really like about everything except Rapp
Favorite Guitarist Randy Rhodes and now Kiko

In my younger years I Drag raced for 12 years
Motorcycles, Altereds, Top Alcohol dragster, Top Fuel Nostalgia dragster
Ran Bonneville salt flats on and off for 20 years Held FIA International record 5 liter record at 358 mph for 18 years. Top speed 382 mph
Roadraced cars for a couple years
Ran Supermoto for a while and lastly Ultra long range shooting 2000 yards and up
Sounds like a lot, but I had 40 years to do it.

Never heard of Kiko until I saw one of his video’s last week.
What a cool guy. He actually wants to help people play better. His seemingly total lack of ego really makes his teaching down to earth. There are no shortcuts. You get out what you put in.
Thanks Kiko!