Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

That’s awesome I missed them on the Fireworks tour. On the Holy Land tour the they did 2 runs so got to see them twice. The second show was at the Bataclan I am pretty sure and it was amazing.


Hey everyone! My name is Riley. I’m from Virginia, USA but months away from finishing my master of music in the UK. I aspire to be run and teach my own successful music studio/school, and be an independent recording artist.

In addition to the guitar, I’m also a euphonium player, which is like a smaller tuba, and I’m into partner social dancing. Because of this I’m very into various types of music. I primarily play rock, metal, bluesy and classical styles. Lately, for my own music I want to go sort of a Symphonic Fantasy-Like Metal sound that fuses classical influences, and the euphonium for the first time in such a genre. On the guitar side I love playing shred/neoclassical influences styles, but also being very tasteful.

Current gear is a fender strat with Dimarzio area pickups, right now playing through an Orange practice amp in the UK. No pedals at the moment but I do love the Boss Delays, Harmonizer, and MXR Phase 90.

As a teacher, and as a player, I’m always finding new ways to practice and improve my musicianship, so I look forward to what Kiko has in store :slight_smile:


Hi everyone.
My name is Diogo, I am 34 and I am from Portugal.
To be honest I never been involved in guitar players community, I always been a self learner and I always been playing alone and for myself.
With Kiko Desafio da técnica i decided to go the step further and start being in touch with people with the same interests as me, so here I am.
I use to play guitar when young and for some reason I abandoned the guitar completely so I lost all the little skills which I had. Now thankfully for being at home because of the Pandemic I decide to get back to my guitar and start playing more seriously.
I hope I get to learn with you guys everything Ive been missing all this years I’ve been away from the guitar.
My guitar is a Jackson Kelly and at the moment im playing with virtual amps from Logic Pro Software because I live In a flat in London and I can’t make much noise around here :slight_smile: but its enough to practise and get the training done.

Im Registered in the guitar hacks course so I hope to get in touch with some of you guys and obviously with the majestic Kiko.

Big thanks



Welcome @RockinRiley and @Diogo_MintazZ you are in the right place! Diogo we have a similar story with the guitar!


That’s cool…we can share some fustrations thought…heheh :wink:
So what’s your story?


@Diogo_MintazZ just like you i was playing guitar when i was 14, i even played in a few garage bands but then at about 20 i lost interest and lived my life doing different things. The at the beginning of the lockdown i picked it up again, did some lesson on line but after a year i landed here and i must say i got more results here innone month than in the whole year…:rofl:

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Well, that story sounds familiar… :upside_down_face: Except it wasn’t the lockdown, but something else a bit before that, but the rest is pretty much the same.


Hi All, I’m very happy to be here and join your community. I started studying classical music when I was 7 yo (piano, music theory and later organ for a short time). I was always dreaming about becoming a guitar player and expressing myself on the instrument, but aside from noodling I never really did anything to pursue that dream. Years passed by with chasing other important and, most of the time, less important projects, (ticking little boxes of life), then I started my actual guitar journey roughly 1.5 year ago. This has been one of the most fulfilling decision of my life.

I guess my taste is quite ecclectic in a sense that I like hard music, metal, progressive, hard rock, classic rock etc. but I’m also inspired by world music, latin, electronic and sometimes pop classics from the past too. Technique-wise: I’m very drawn to incorporating different tapping styles into my playing, but currently I’m a mega rookie for arpeggios, so wish me luck with that part of my journey.

Gear: Ibanez JEMJR, Fender Squire Stratocaster, using Blackstar amps with a classic BOSS ME-50 and sometimes ZOOM effects.

I’m looking forward to learn and inspire each other, together :slight_smile:

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Hi! Christine Greyson here. I’m a writer, Appalachian artist and motivator. I’m happy to be here and a part of Kiko’s Guitar Hacks forum. Don’t know why it took me so long. :slight_smile: Cheers!


Hi there everyone, Rodrigo here, a Spaniard living in the Emerald Isle. I’ve been playing guitar for almost 20 years, 12 of them playing in different bands.

I haven’t played as much as I would’ve liked for the last 6 years but I got back to it during the lockdown (and realised how much I missed it!!!) and I’m trying to keep it alive as much as possible, what brought me here seeking for a structured practice routine and so far, I’m finding Kiko’s course great for me!!

I’m mostly into metal and rock but open to anything, if something is good, it’s good no matter how someone labelled it!!

At this moment, my main pieces of gear are an Ibanez RG652AHM Prestige and a Positive Grid Spark amp. Talking about pedals I found myself using a lot the drop function of my Digitec Whammy to deal with different tunings (quite handy when you have a floating bridge).

Trivial fact… mmm, I used to have long hair but got it cut before joining my first band, so I never had the chance to head bang properly on the stage :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome @cdgreyson and @rockro_viloria

You will find kiko’s teaching amazing and as a plus you will find a fantastic community! Many interesting treads and projects!!! Again welcome​:metal::sunglasses::metal:


After posting the link to this site so many times this was bound to happen! :wink:

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Hello All! My name is Mike and I’ve been a member since this March so only a couple months but haven’t introduced myself to the group until now. I’ve been playing guitar now for over 20 years and decided to join Kiko’s Guitar Hacks for a fresh overhaul of technique. That’s exactly what I’ve been getting, I’ve been pushing myself here to get better and better and having a ton of fun.

I like a lot of different kinds of music from Classic Rock to Metal to Classical to Jazz. I love all guitar based music.

I am a Civil Engineer by day and a Guitar Shredder on nights and weekends lol thank you all for your kind support. ROCK ON!!!


Hi! I’m a bassist that’s trying to learn guitar. My Favorite music right now is Meat Loaf, KISS, W.A.S.P., Twisted Sister, and Megadeth!

I love my Schecter studio stiletto 5 bass, my Rumble 500v3, and the guitar I’m currently using is a cheap Squier, which I plan to upgrade/replace in time once I’ve got some basics down and can play along to some songs


Hello everyone!

Very happy to be here and learn from all!

I’m Aquib and have been playing extreme metal for 15 years now. I reside in Delhi NCR, India.

As of now I use - ESP LTD EC 256, plugged into Audient ID4 into TSE808, Emissary Preamp and nadIR with Lancaster Audio IRs.

Big fan of 80s horror films!!!


Hi jono and warm greetings to all you guys here and out there.

My name is Michael and I’m from London. I grew up in my formative years listening to rock music. I have always loved Led Zeppelin, Rush, Bad Company, Deep Purple, and Robin Trower has always had a special place in my heart.( Bridge of Sighs; RIP Jimmy and Reggie).

However, I also like many other genres of music. If it has vitality and vibrancy and has something to say, then it’s cool. So classical,jazz, r&b, dance etc. There is a whole lot of great stuff out there. I’m especially interested in rhythm and I think it would be awesome if Kiko could show us some Brazilian styles.
I started learning the guitar by singing Irish songs( I remember learning the Christy Moore songbook).Then I met a friend who played the violin and we would play Beatles songs together, and she taught me how to read the notes. After that I played in a Classical guitar orchestra for a time.

Presently I have a Hofner Congress guitar and a Jackson, both of which I am fond of.
Okay. That’s me. Cheers everyone.


Welcome @dowlingmichael05 @aquib_r @scr379 ! From the looks of it, you will fit right in, cheers!

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Hi Giorgio,

Many thanks for your warm welcome. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement. Cheers.

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Hey Guys
Its Siam here from New York. 80’s Hard rock/Heavy metal fan but i love to listen to different genres and explore different music. If i were to name few of my influence i would mention Vinnie Moore and George Lynch at the first :slight_smile: ( btw i met Vinnie once and surprisingly got to play with him, check out this vid https://youtu.be/X8zLXakWuzo)

Fav Guitar : Charvel 750xl, Fav Amp : EVH 5150 iii S el34
Something people don’t know about me : Beside playing i am also a Jackson/Charvel CS collector :wink: have around 25+ Jackson/Charvel custom shops in my inventory along with few others from different brands .

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Wooooow…Custom…Shop…Jackson… :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face:
Pix or didn’t happen!:wink: