Vital Sign - C# Lydian and climbing in E Aeolian?

Hi guys,

I’m currently trying to analyse Vital Sign from our Master and, in particular, the climbing.
The first part of climbing is composed of these notes (if I’m not wrong :)): E - F# - G - C - B - A - B
Which it seems to me, E Aeolian (F# as natural 2nd, G as minor 3rd, C as Minor 6th). Am I correct?
The song is in C# Lydian (confirmed in the 7factor lesson).
My question is so: what is the connection between C# Lydian and E Aeolian? Or is there any Key change?

Thanks in advance for any answer or help!



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According to the official tabs and some of the lives it is C Lydian. The whole song revolves around C Maj- D Maj, establishing that Lydian sound. From here on I think you’ll understand. :wink:

Yes you’re totally right, I was tired… it’s C :slight_smile:

If I make mistake on finding notes on the E string, maybe, I should review something more basic :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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