Using The Legatto Technique

I recently took the “Legatto Technique” modules on the Guitar Hacks course, and was impressed by the ability to get a “muted rhythmic pattern” simply by using hammer-ons.

I wonder however, whether using strictly hammer-ons is the proper way to generate a lead guitar phrase. Usually I use the pick to start a musical phrase, and this usually happens on every downbeat.

My question is whether the various legatto technique modules are merely intended to strengthen the left hand’s ability to use hammer ons in a new, unique way, or is it a way to actually generate musical phrases?

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Hi Louie, I am going to ask Kiko to answer this one too,

In the mean time, there are players who never use pull offs and only hammer on when doing legato. Even when changing strings, like for example Alan Holdsworth who disliked the sound of pull offs.

So I would say it’s musical decision on your side, what sound/tone do you like the most?

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OK, thank you.
I recently wrote a musical phrase using the Legatto technique and the guys in the band liked it.

Don’t hesitate to share it to us we 'll be happy to hear it !

Hi Caroline,

Thank you for the challenge to post something here. After our talk with Kiko, I perfected the technique a little by reducing the gain, and improving my muting technique. Here is a snippet of the song idea that’s developing, using this technique.

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That’s a great musical application of this technique @LouieL7 ! It sounds very clean!

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Great riff man!

About the original question, I think it depends the sound you want. I love the mix hammer/pull, but also love the sound of fast phrases with just hammer on.