Unite - Acoustic Piece

Hey, folks,

This is from a while back (in fact, literally the week before our son was born), but I wanted to put together a finger-picked tune.

I broke it down into three acts, if you will, and I absolutely love this speech from Charlie Chaplin, so I decided to overlay it:

Feedback welcome!


Nice, is that a Takamine classical? If so, i may have the same one. I can’t really see it well enough in the video

Wow what a beautiful song and video you put together there Jono. It seems like we are living in exactly what this man Charlie is speaking of. It feels like the beginning of the end. Its pretty sad to see this happening in America but the Bible warns of this. We are either people of the light or the darkness and it seems dark forces have cast a great divide within this land and all the people seem to be dismayed as they scatter like the sheep and divide. Anyways I believe this leads to fear, confusion, anger and eventually hate. Sadly once these Dark people get what they want they will leave the sheep to slaughter.These dark people are only self righteous and they don’t care about you, your family or I. What they do care about is money, power and control.

I will certainly pray for this great nation as we live in these desperate and difficult times.

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful song.


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Yeah, it is pretty incredible how timeless that speech is. I think for many it was also the first time they ever heard Charlie Chaplin speak - he was mainly in silent movies.

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Woe to them the multitudes!

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Wow! That’s beautiful! Powerful message


Thanks, Kiko! Appreciate it!

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Sounds beautiful and very thoughtful. Great video arrangement, too!
Nice dramaturgical flow!

Just one little question: The picking sound of the guitar is quite hard. I can see that you know what you are doing, so please don’t get me wrong, but - is this on purpose?

I’m just wondering. I doesn’t do the song any harm, it’s great!

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