Studio Monitors

Hi Guys!

I hope all is well with you all.
Could you please recommend a good studio monitor?


Are you mostly writing and producing or do you want to do some critical mixing? Do you have a budget? What is the rest of your set up like? Speakers run a huge range of sizes, quality, and prices. I sell recording equipment for a living.

I’m not an expert but I picked up some Yamaha HS5. Ran me about $200 a piece. Most places will give you 30 day return no questions ask if it doesn’t work. But Rob I’m sure could cut down on the selection for a better fit.

I’m happy with the HS5’s.

What do you think of the HS5’s?

They are good! Though if he tells me his budget is 800, 2000, 5000, etc, I might have a different answer. Speaker quality goes up pretty linearly with price until about 8000 a pair, then it kind of just is BIGGER speakers. I personally use the Focal Shape 65s, but if I had the budget for ATC SCM 25s, I would use those.