Spill the blood cover

Not a video of me playing, but a video of my recorded playing :slight_smile:

For fun a couple friends and I like to record cover songs. This one is Spill the Blood by Slayer. It’s not final, I still have to record the second solo and then it will get mixed and mastered along with some more automation but I thought it may be fun to share. If you have a friend or two to do this with I think you would really enjoy it, we have a blast learning songs just to record them.

On this song I programmed the drums using GGD Invasion, played bass, and did all the lead guitar work. My guitar tracks are green. My friends and I rotate responsibilities from song to song and take turns picking what to cover. Usually whoever picks the song has to program the drums and then we just send tracks back and forth to each other with our parts and they get assembled into a master copy at the end.I hope you enjoy it, just remember it’s still very raw and a long way from being complete.


Great job, pal!

Ooooh…this sounds like it could be a fun Guitar Hacks project. @Giorgio, what do you think?

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I suggested we do a collaboration the other day! I would be all in.

SO awesome… I have much to learn about recording and software stuff.
Well Done brother!!! :sparkling_heart::purple_heart::sparkling_heart::purple_heart:

Thanks for Sharing! :sparkling_heart:


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sounds cool, nice vibe…Slayer?

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Yup "f"ing Slayer! :smile:


Yup! I had a similar idea in my head too. When watching the lives I tried to riff in octaves and got an OK idea and my idea was to compile an “Intervals song” as we add riffs one by one but each riff has to be based around a certain interval and eventually going through all of them. Its fun and would realte to the course material too. I might do something about that riff during the weekend.

Oh and cool cover! :smiley: