Share your weekly routine!

Hi everyone !

I’m interesting in how do you organise your week ? :slight_smile:
For exemple personnaly I decided to do this week :

Monday : alternate picking Day 1 1h + 15minutes learn add4 arpeggios, and about 45minutes of playing new song (n’oublie jamais pascal Vigné), working on Glasgow Kiss John petrucci (only the 2 firts minutes ahah) and a bit composing, I’ll do that all week after practise kiko s courses

Thuesday : Legato day 1 + Add 4# arpeggios

Wednesday : Alternate picking day 2 + Add4 Arpeggios

Thursday : Legato day 1 +Add 4#

Friday : Alternate picking day 3 + New scale : an hybrid pentatonic one

Saturday : Legato day 1 + New scale of yesterday

Sunday : Arpeggios add4+add4#+trying to improvise on new scale

Thanks for share us what are you going to work on this week :slight_smile: Or just an exemple of a week !

See you soon !


That’s a good looking routine, I basically do the the alternate picking exercises every day for at least an hour as designed in the routine for this course. Then I spend the rest of my time studying theory, recording cover songs with friends using Reaper, and writing originals for a side project I have going with friends.


Hi! I only have about 2 hours daily, including see the videos, warm up and strech (and cleanning :p), so I alternate the course with a similirar routine I made to learning/practicing solos for my cover band (we play from Creedence to Helloween. This days i’m practicing Symphony of destruction, Sweet child o mine, The trooper, Im Alive and Enter Sandman); basically I use the musical part to learn the solos and the out of the plateau stage to practice the hard parts and reach the tempo.

So, this week for me was:

Monday: sweep picking day 2 + practice solos routine (I took extra time! :D)

Tu: legatto day 2

We: practice solos

Th: alternate picking day 3

Fr: practice solos

Sa: rehersal day (I take about 3 hours to play de ~30 songs we use in my cover band)

Su: rest (I don’t been playing consistenly every day for long, so my fingers still feel the pain :p)

That’s my week. Regards!


You learn the complete songs you mentionned ? Or just riffs or solos ?
You know the complete songs to play it with your band ?

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I know the complete songs, but still struggling with some parts of the solos (mainly Symphony and Sweet)

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Wait, so when you guys are doing your daily Kiko’s Hour Long Routine, are you practicing only one technique?

I’ve just started the routine, but I thought it would be a little less tedious to practice more than one technique. I am documenting each routine with 5 different techniques/licks that I’m practicing throughout the hour each time.

Let me know if I’m doing something wrong, or if there’s a more specific way that hour routine should be approached!


Hello! I play only one technique per day but I Switch one day one, other day another one. I like to stay focus on one thing :blush: but I think nothing is wrong if you have pleasure in what you are practising!


I don’t have a strict regiment but my focus at the moment is fretboard memorization, along with intervals, and octaves. I just keep it fun. Practice 1 to 2 hours a day.

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Hi All,

I keep my practice routine in google drive docs, I don’t know if we are allowed to share links in here so i copy and pasted some of the sections from it to here:

I structure kikos exercises in pairs for 16 days as follows:

  • day 1 - alternate picking 1 note per string
  • day 2 - legato one 1 per string
  • day 3 - alternate picking 2 notes per string
  • day 4 - legato 2 notes per string
  • day 5 - alternate picking 3 notes per string
  • day 6 - legato 3 notes per string
  • day 7 - alternate picking 4 notes per string
  • day 8 - legato 4 notes per string
  • day 9 - Sweep picking day 1
  • day 10 - Hybrid picking
  • day 11 - Sweep picking day 2
  • day 12 - Hybrid picking
  • day 13 - Sweep picking day 1
  • day 14 - Tapping
  • day 15 - Sweep picking day 2
  • day 16 - Tapping

Once the above cycle is completed I repeat again from day 1, I also aim to practice sweep picking, alternate picking and legato 4 times during that week

Practice Hours distribution

The Idea is to breakdown available practice hours to cover core skills during daily practice based on priorities as well as providing structured practice with remainder times.

Hour 1 - Core Technical Skills

The first hour target’s core fundamental technical skills. It involves choosing a single item and working on it.


  • 15 Minutes - MAB - Speed kills exercises
  • 10 Minutes - Targeted Chop Kiko’s workout - Fundamentals
  • 20 Minutes - Targeted Chop Kiko’s workout - Musical Exercises
  • 15 Minutes - Targeted Chop Kiko’s workout - Out of the plateau
  • 15 Minutes - Targeted Chop Kiko’s workout - Out of the box

Hour 2 - Core Rhythm Skills

The third hour target’s rhythmic patterns and transitions.


  • 10 Minutes - Targeted Chop (Rhythm) - Fundamentals
  • 20 Minutes - Targeted Chop (Rhythm) - Musical Exercises
  • 15 Minutes - Targeted Chop (Rhythm) - Out of the plateau
  • 15 Minutes - Targeted Chop (Rhythm) - Out of the box

Hour 3 - Core Musical Skills

The second hour target’s core musical skills in order unlock full expressiveness.


  • 15 Minutes - Finger Control and articulation
  • 20 Minutes - Scales
  • 10 Minutes - Arpeggios
  • 15 Minutes - Chords and Progressions

Hour 4 - Polishing the edges

The fourth hour target’s one of many specific areas of guitar playing, this time is meant to be used to work on specific areas that need to be improved as well as fundamental individual skills that define the player such as Bending and Vibrato.


  • 20 Minutes - Online Classes
  • 10 Minutes - Vibrato
  • 10 Minutes - Bending
  • 20 Minutes - Anything that needs attention

Hour 5+ - Out and about

At this stage freedom has been earned, have fun and enjoy the instrument by doing whatever you wish! And make sure to congratulate yourself for such an awesome achievement.