Reverb increasing their selling fee (3.5% to 5%)

I buy/sell way too much on reverb as I have a guitar gear addiction… I am sure I am not alone here :slight_smile:

I just received an email from them saying that we were “Growing together” and as such the fees will be going up from 3.5% to 5%…

So anybody knows what the next platform for used gear is going to be?

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I don’t know what the next best thing is, but I believe this greed is going to hurt them.

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Yeah, Reverb is one of the main places where I feed my GAS.

I’m going to guess this is gonna make it a little bit harder to find good deals. I’m pretty sure you can still get some though.

But there are some common practices there which make me cringe.

When there is a big sale it is like many sellers try to compensate the discount by raising the shipping.

Like, €45 for shipping a pedal within Europe? Right…

eBay is usually a place with better deals. I also like Facebook groups.

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