Revelation (Mother Earth) sorta ;)

Here’s a quick video of me playing part of Revelation (mother earth). I didn’t have a lot of time so I refreshed my memory some on how to play it this after noon and here you go. It’s a single take attempt with mistakes, bad timing, etc… I’m just your average guitar player.


Hey pretty cool! Thanks for sharing, I used to listen to Blizzard of Oz so much but I forgot about this track! I just started listening to it on Spotify, this solo is killer, melodic and technical at the same time.
Great cover :+1:

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Thanks, I think the original is a great solo. I thought I would use it because it has a bit of everything in it from string skipping, legato phrases, triads, alternate picking, etc… and Rhoads definitely made use of the whole neck with it.
I probably should have taken a little more time with it to get it down solid but I thought it was a good example of what is probably all of us in the learning process. We’re all working toward things and part of that is making mistakes and improving. I don’t think I had tried to play that for about 27 years, and now that I’ve opened the box on it, I’ll spend a little time using what I’ve been working on in the course to sort it out.

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Rhoads was so far ahead of his time. I’m going to break out Diary of a Madman today – this has got me in the mood.

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Indeed he was, I recently got Diary of a Madman on vinyl… it’s definitely his best work in my opinion and the guitar work on the song diary of a madman is nothing short of a masterpiece. The whole album is pretty timeless in my opinion.

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I dig your playing brother very good :wink:

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Oh! I love Randy! This solo is incredible! Excellent! Keep practicing, isolate the hard parts, slow down, create exercises from the licks of this solo : )


I certainly will. I’ve been working on it. Thanks for taking the time to watch and your feedback is very much appreciated.