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Hi !!

I have been asking myself a question for several weeks, to improve it is necessary to practice every day a type of exercise for example the sweep picking, but if I stop working this technique for several days to work another technique I will lose competent in sweep picking. So my question is, once you have pretty much mastered all of the techniques addressed by Kiko, start doing to maintain them all the time and see them improve, is it necessary to work on all the techniques every day (it would take a lot of time …) or 1 day out of 2 suddenly and is that enough to not lose because if we work all the techniques of Kiko it would work 1 technique every 4 to 5 days because the other days there would the other techniques have to work / maintain at the level?
example: day 1 sweep picking, day 2 alternate, day 3 hybrid, day 4 legato, day 5 sweep picking etc …

Your opinion ?


That’s a great question.

I experienced, that of course you develop higher skills faster on a certain technique by concentrating on it.
But talking musically it is not the point why you are practicing.

Some movements are similar, others not, but practicing is always making you better, when you do it the right way - and that’s of course, why we took Kiko’s course.

As for me I did not experience abilities getting lost when not practicing tapping for example. Instead, when I practice sweep picking I do connect the knowlegde about the arpeggios with the tapping exercises. Only an example.

Keep in mind a part of practicing is to gain confidence! When you try to play something without confidence of being able to nail it, you won’t. But when you think of it as of a piece you really believe you are able to play, the chance is much higher to even enjoy playing it. And that’s where we wanna be!

So practice your style, practice new techniques to make them your style and always try to maintain confidence when you engage a challenging piece or exercise. I’ve seen you playing so I know you’ll do great! :wink:

Sorry for always writing so much being only a student myself. Of course those are just my experiences and I’m surely willing to learn!!!


Thanks you for your answer !
I understood the principle of suddenly working the technique of what we are going to use and finally digging in the exos that interest us but not necessarily working everything! :grinning:

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Part of my struggle it to find the middle ground… For example I used to fall into the trap of focusing on alternate picking so much that at one point my playing started to sound/look like those guys in the gym who always skip leg day…:slight_smile: But multitasking is not really my forte and while I realized that is not the best way to go, I had my share of to and fro with myself until I could settle on diversifying my technique paractise and it could still be A LOT better. Being here is part of the process.

Also, I found that sometimes a little rest makes you better by giving those specific muscles time to heal. It’s musclework, so I believe that some basic principles of athletic training applies to it perfectly.