Private Live with Kiko on May 22nd 2021

Guitar Hackers,

I hope you’re all doing great and spending quality time with your guitars (and loved ones) :slight_smile:

We continue the tradition, Kiko will be hosting another private live only for Guitar Hacks paying members this Saturday, May 22nd at 2PM EDT (11AM PDT, 8PM CEST).

As usual, Kiko will pick the top 3 or 5 most liked questions in this topic to cover during the live. So ask away!


Can you share some melody/riff concepts using the tremolo bar? Thank you.


Hi, I would love to see topic of guitar injuries like hand injuries etc… How to avoid them and how to deal with them. When did you first expierenced Tendonitis how did you deal with it. Thanks much love Richard.


Would love to see demo of dive bombs and harmonic sequels.

Hello! Resubmitting my question from last month:

I’m always interested in the daily habits of professional artists and musicians. So what does a typical day look like for you? What time do you wake up and go to bed? When do you practice and write? When do you exercise? etc. Thanks!



Can Kiko talk about how to use the thesaurus of Scales and melodic patterns by Nicolas Slonimsky?


Palm mutting - Do you use the internal part of the hand or the side of the hand?

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One composition question from my side: in Vital signs, how do come the C lydian and E minor inspiration?
Could we analyse shortly the interaction between the 2?
For me, and it’s a personal feeling, the E minor melody is kind of “opening” the song even if minor.

See you on saturday!




Hi - I am interested to know:

How do you find musical exercises (licks etc) to practice?
Where do you find them and what is the logic behinc it?

Meaning - there are countless exercises on the internet, in the books etc - so how to know what exercises to practice?



Yes! Good topic, Miles!!

Just in case you want to take a look at the everyday life of AN UNKNOWN musician :sweat_smile:
I’ve made a small series and put it in a playlist on Youtube:


I’d like to give my question about the muscular memory another try.

For time reasons it could not be dealt with, though it was voted for the Live in December '20. :slightly_smiling_face:

My submission was:

Hi Kiko,

don’t know if my fellow students know how important this topic might be for their technique.

But I often experience, that explaining how the muscular memory works, really helps my own students to understand, why we should practice in a certain way and that training this memory is the main reason, why we are practicing at all.

Starting from mistakes that we suddenly make and can’t get out again, to the chord changes we never really master, because the fingers just don’t move like they should.

I’d love to know how you approach this and I really think this would help my fellow guitar hackers!


I would find quite interesting if we can see something about “clean guitar playing”, with focus on what might make our playing sound sloppy and what can we do to fix it, such us the different ways of using both hands to mute undesired noises depending on the technique you use (alternate picking, sweep, tapping, etc)


Hi I would like to know how to grow picking accuracy and speed at the same time!


Hi Kiko and all Hackers!

I would love to know your most challenging MegaDeth solo’s and which ones are best to learn and use as musical exercises. I am mainly talking about the albums Rust in Peace and Dystopia, these albums to me have some of the best solo’s. Are there certain licks we can isolate for specific techniques? From your experience are there certain “hacks” to learning some of them? Thanks!


Hello Kiko,
hello everyone.
Again… so grateful to be a part of THIS.

If you please, I’d like to hear more on:

  1. How to find a good balance between
    A combination that would facilitate technique.
    I love many genres but the go-to is always
    Heavy Metal. Yet, I still don’t know which string sizes are fitting.

    Does certain equipment improve one’s motivation to play with even more passion?!
    A good guitar processor? Great cables? A nice Amp?

  3. And, once more… the very popular topic… :blush::
    I’m constantly afraid I’ll snap something up there,
    Every once in a while I experience small
    nerve-pinches in hand and wrist.
    Is that something that can be remedied with
    time, care and good technique?

Cheers and a thousand times “Thank You” for your generosity! :fist::blush:

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Another potential question from my side: when I am playing legato, I feel really quickly tired as I “press” much more than picking for making the right sound especially in pull-off
Is there any minimum effort exercice for Legato or is it just question of strenght/endurance and so, time and practice.



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Hi Maestro,

Any plans for Rhythm guitar courses or lessons?


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Hey there!

It’d be great if you could go a bit into the finger/wrist strength aspect of guitar playing, since I’ve noticed that due to never practicing it is a big limiting factor of mine.

I can see a level of control in your technique which couldn’t be achieved without a lot more finger strength. Do you have any strength-focused exercises you tend to do or have you developed it exclusively with technique practice?



Hi, everyone!
My question is:
does anyone try to remember the scales and modes by placing the tonic ( root note ) on different fingers of the left or fretting hand?

For example, use the First finger for having a minor 3rd on your Little finger.
Or having the Middle finger for the tonic to reach a major 3rd with the First finger on the next ascending string.

The 4 notes per string method in the 7 Factors course is amazing for learning each mode. But when I try to get fancy and shift from one mode to the next with the chord progression I get lost quickly.


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Could you provide some examples of harmony concepts using triads?